Casual Bottoms: Boyfriend Fit Jeans

by Sam P. | March 24th, 2015 | Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion

boyfriend jeans (400x400)The majority of my life I have always been a fan of skinny jeans, except for an awkward half year faze where all I wore were flare jeans… that was an uncomfortable time.  Skinny jeans are fabulous as they tend to be the most flattering type of jeans for the majority of body types, but if you haven’t noticed they are typically not comfortable.  We all know the problem, throughout most of your life you only have one or two pairs that truly fit you perfectly.  Most of them tend to fit awkwardly, either too tight on your thighs and butt, or too loose on your hips if you have an athletic or petite figure like me.  Or they are too tight on your hips, but loose on your thighs and knee area.  And of course, if you are 5’5″ or under they are always too long, even if you buy the short kind.

Now boyfriend jeans may not be quite as flattering as skinny jeans, they don’t exactly hold everything in as tightly as skinny jeans do, but boy are they comfortable.  And with the right outfit and the right amount of confidence they can look just as cute and sassy as any other type of jeans.  The trick to rocking boyfriend jeans is all in the pairing of clothes.  If you wear too tight of a top it makes the jeans appear as if you are swimming in them, but too baggy of a shirt and everything looks oversized and bulky, completely eliminating any sort of figure you may have.

The best pairing I have ever seen with boyfriend fit jeans was a fitted, but not tight three quarter length shirt.  The jeans were a medium wash with ripping and the top was an army green color.  It hugged in all the right places, while not being too tight either.  With a black leather jacket and black converse the outfit was incredibly stylish, while still looking crazy comfortable.

The greatest thing about boyfriend fit jeans is that, unlike skinny jeans that look OK cuffed, cuffing your boyfriend jeans just makes them look even cuter.  It heightens the sass to an even greater level, while adding to the comfy casual look.  Boyfriend fit jeans may seem hard to pull off at first, but believe me they aren’t.  Always try to get them in a neutral color, blue.  Not too dark, but also not acid wash.  Avoid them in red, black, gray, white, etc. if you can even find them.  Most of all, just have confidence in your look.

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