Casual Bottoms for Spring

by Sam P. | April 22nd, 2014 | Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion

teen cropped bottoms (400x400)As we trek closer and closer to summer the weather is getting warmer and warmer.  I don’t know about you guys further south, but up here in frigid New Hampshire we have actually had seventy degree days.  And yes, you did read that right.  In fact, last night I slept with both my windows open and my ceiling fan on.  Not only does this gorgeous weather mean we can actually go outside without being covered in twenty sweaters, but we actually need to start cleaning out the closets.  Besides sweaters, one of the first things you have to swap out are the pants.  Nobody wants to pull on another pair of big thick sweatpants, or long johns, or even jeans for that matter.

There are three spring time casual bottom essentials you need to have, and here they are:

  1. Leggings.  I know I have always talked about leggings, but in the spring they really are an essential.  They are light and versatile, and ever so comfy.  Leggings are really the sweatpants of the spring, except more attractive.  Since they tend to be a bit of a thinner material, be sure they aren’t see through before you wear them, but they don’t suffocate your legs.  Leggings also come in many incredibly cute patterns and all different colors.  You can also get them in full length or in Capri length.  They are so versatile you can pair them with whatever you like, but I usually try to pair them with longer shirts so you aren’t as exposed since leggings are so tight.  I would do this especially if your school doesn’t like you wearing leggings.
  2. Capris.  No matter what material they are made out of, you need a pair.  It doesn’t matter if you DIY’d them out of an old pair of jeans that were too short, or bought a pair at the store.  They can be whatever color or material you like.  They are casual and comfy, perfect for a day at school or a lazy day on the weekend.  The best thing about capri’s is that a lot of times you can actually pair them with a thin sweater.  Since they are shorter than jeans you may get a bit chillier in them.  If you have a super light sweater or long sleeve shirt it actually pairs really well.
  3. Jeans.  I know I talked about not wearing jeans above, but some jeans are actually better for spring.  Many come in lighter colors, whites, or even pretty spring colors like pink.  A lot of times stores release jeans in the spring season that are thinner, so they feel lighter.  Most of the jeans you have were probably bought in the fall which means they are for the winter.  Jeans made for the winter are typically a lot heavier and thicker.  Jeggings work as well in the spring since they are a combination of leggings and jeans.  They tend to be a bit thinner as well, which means they won’t make you sweat.  I absolutely love wearing light pastel colored jeans with a light and airy tank top, usually white.  It just matches the spring feeling so well.
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