Casual Bottoms of the Summer

by Sam P. | July 14th, 2016 | Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion

shorts (400x400)There isn’t always much variety in casual bottoms of the summer, what really is there to wear besides shorts?  There are always shortalls and skirts, but you can’t really wear those everyday like you can with shorts.  There are, although, many different styles of shorts.  From colored shorts to high-waisted shorts, to flowy lace shorts.  There are a variety of shorts that many people forget about when clothes shopping for the summer.  Everyone gets the traditional jean shorts, and you may see a few people who get high-waisted shorts or colored shorts, but there is so much more.

  • Ombré shorts: a new style that has really become popular this year is taking white shorts and dip dying the bottoms in bright colors and having it fade up into the white creating a nice ombré effect on the shorts.  They work very well with a shirt that is a complementary color to the color on the shorts.  Make sure it is a simpler shirt though; if it isn’t, it can become too busy with the fading and the flashy shirt.
  • Lace or crochet shorts: To be honest when these first came out I wasn’t sure how I felt about them.  When they aren’t paired with the right outfit they can look quite a bit like pajama shorts.  The more I have seen them on girls, the more I am liking them.  I think they are a very substantial piece of clothing and can be quite handy in your wardrobe to add some variety into your shorts.
  • Patterned, flowy shorts: I’m not quite sure if there is better terminology for these shorts, but I love them.  They are usually made out of a light and flowy material, sometimes silky looking, sometimes not.  They are incredibly comfortable and always have such cute patterns on them.  You can get them with tribal, floral, really any pattern.
  • Studded shorts: Many clothing brands are starting to put gold, square studs on their shorts.  They put them on the front, in the corner where the front meets the back, and bring them down and out, sometimes fading away, sometimes ending in an intricate pattern.  Either way, they are very cute and add some easy bling into your outfit.,
  • Patterned shorts: I know I already have patterned shorts on the list, but I am now talking about patterned jean shorts.  There are two types you can get, you can get the jean shorts that have them pattern in their fabric, or you can have the ones where they are layered on over the shorts.  The ones with the pattern in the shorts usually have the pattern all over the shorts, where as the ones with the pattern layered over have the pattern typically only on the front of the shorts, similar to the studded shorts.  You have to be careful with the shorts that have the pattern layered over because sometimes clothing brands just stitch patterned cloth over the front of the shorts, and it isn’t always a quality job and the patterned part can fall off.
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