Casual Dress Trends

by Lori Sciame | June 6th, 2013 | Current Trends

2013This summer, casual dresses will make any woman look and FEEL great.  Instead of fussy details and uncomfortable fabrics, today’s trendy dresses rely on fun patterns to excite, and they play with different lengths to further enhance their look.  No matter if a woman needs a new dress to wear to the farmer’s market, to a bridal shower, or to the local art museum, there are plenty of flattering styles to choose from.

Perfect Patterns

Trendy dresses exhibit a wide variety of patterns. From bold stripes to sweet florals, designers use interesting fabric designs to boost style. Check out Target for amazing deals of flirty dresses. The sheer variety of low cost options will be sure to please any woman. I especially liked the Prints Please collection, which highlights a flowing blue and white maxi dress. Target also helps the shopper complete the look with additional styling suggestions, including a denim jacket, white sandals, and a cute blue purse.  For around $100 (plus free shipping), any woman will look great in this perfectly coordinated outfit.

Luscious Lengths

As I’ve already alluded to, casual dresses this summer come in a variety of lengths. From super short to floor length, anything goes!  As a woman who is flirting with 50, this switch to all lengths makes me extremely happy. Basically, a woman of any age can wear a trendy garment with confidence. Another bonus – many of the shorter dresses have a filmy overlay of a longer length. This is called the high low illusion. Again, designers have done female shoppers a favor, as any woman can be trendy while still disguising leg flaws with this type of dress.

Dreamy Fabrics

Designers have finally taken into account that summer is HOT.  Today’s trendy dresses feature breathable fabrics which drape across the body instead of clinging to it.  Cotton, crepe, eyelet, and chiffon fabrics keep a woman cool instead of causing her to perspire. Thank goodness the trend of wearing nylons under summer dresses has gone out of style as well!

Suit Your Personality

With the immense volume of styles and colors available in casual dresses, take the time to find one to suit your own unique personality. For example, if you want to make a bold statement, a vibrant color block mini accented with high heels might be a wise choice.  Want to look sweet?  Choose any of the delicate floral print sundresses available and pair with flats. Prefer to be trendy but still want to accept your age?  Opt for a maxi dress and wedge sandals. As you can surmise, no matter what your personal style, there will be plenty of casual dresses to complement it.

A Final Note

As always, strive to find a dress that fits your body well.  Buying a dress a size too small in hopes of losing weight is a bad idea. Purchase a dress that fits you now.  You will look and feel great, and when you do lose weight, feel free to purchase another trendy dress to reward yourself!

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