Casual Summer Tops to Battle the Heat

by Sam P. | June 17th, 2014 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

girl summer (400x400)Now that summer is finally here everyone is complaining that it is too hot.  Two months ago, even just a few weeks ago, people were saying it was too cool and that they couldn’t wait for this weather, but now that it is upon us we want to avoid it.  There are some cute and comfy tops that allow you to battle the heat while still soaking in the rays.

Tank tops are an easy and broad place to start.  There are the basic ribbed tanks which are comfy and casual, but can sometimes be too clingy.  Spaghetti strap flowy tanks are always a good choice, especially when you want to get color on your shoulders.  Another great choice are the jersey like tank tops.  You can often find them at the beach for pretty cheap, and oftentimes they have the name of that place on it.  They come in all different colors and keep you quite cool.  They are typically made of polyester, which is usually thought of as hot and clingy, but these are quite the opposite.  They are perfect for a day at the beach.

Bandeaus are another great choice.  On their own they really aren’t a real shirt, but with high waisted shorts and a cardigan like tank top they look very cute.  I very recently bought one of these sweaters and I love it.  It is a really thin material so it keeps me cool, and it has a cute tribal pattern on it.  There is also a bit of fringe on the trim, too.  A perfect choice to look flawless and care-free on a hot day.  Another good option with a bandeau is to wear them with shortalls (overalls that are shorts).  You will be as cool as a cucumber in this, without exposing yourself.  The bandeau covers your bikini area, but it still allows your sides to soak in the sun.

Crop tops are another great choice.  You can have them be flowy, snug, strapless, or with straps.  My favorite type are strapless.  I have one that is fitted in the bust area, and then flows away around my waist but cuts off at my belly button so you can still see your figure.

Lace tanks are another good idea. They are incredibly cute and you can wear a brightly colored bandeau underneath to add in a pop of color.  Plus they are light and comfy.  They even let a nice breeze through!

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