Casual Tops

by Sam P. | March 23rd, 2016 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

teen (400x400)As much as formal attire can look quite classy, casual attire is just something every female teen can’t live without.  From oxfords to sweaters to summer tops, casual tops are just necessary.  I have many favorites, all of which I have favorite ways to wear.  There are so any ways to rock a casual tee, as well.

  • Oxford: I love oxfords, as you can probably tell since I talk about them a lot, but they’re just so versatile.  You can pair them with jeans and rock a killer look, pair them with leggings for a more chic style, or do whatever you like.  If you want to wear them with jeans, I like to wear dark wash jeans with the lighter oxford for some difference in shade, slip on some Converse, and slap a bit of bling on.  A large, chunky, gold statement necklace should pair nicely.  If you pair it with leggings (patterned or not is your decision) I like to wear combat boots.  If your leggings aren’t patterned  and the inside of your boots are, you can fold the boots over for a little flair.  Add on your choice of jewelry; I like layering long silver necklaces and sliding on a bunch of rings, a nice combination of regular and knuckle, and you are set to walk out the door.   If you don’t have necklaces on hand, wrap on a scarf instead.
  • Sweaters: Sweaters are just great.  They are comfy and cozy, and it’s like wearing a blanket to school.  Again, you can pair them with jeans or leggings, and whatever shoe tickles your fancy.  I like combat boots, of course, and “shooties” work as well (very short ankle booties with a heel).  I prefer brown shooties that have laces.  Whether your sweater is tight or oversized you can pair it whatever jewelry or scarf you like.
  • Summer tops: Seeing as the weather is getting much nicer I have started to break out what I call “summer tops” or my lighter, flowier tops.  Whether it is nice enough for shorts where you live is your decision, but most any pants work with these tops.  Just be sure your colors coordinate.  Seeing as these tops tend to be lighter and softer, you don’t want to weigh them down with heavy, chunky jewelry.  I like lighter, thinner pieces that I can layer.  I love floral pieces, especially when they have fabric in the flowers.  Again with shoes, if it is warm enough for sandals, go for it; if not ankle booties, combat boots, converse, whatever you like you can wear.

All in all, casual tops are simple and easy to wear, and incredibly easy to style as your own.  Add your own personal flair on to them and be confident, as long as you feel beautiful and comfortable, go strut your stuff and don’t let anyone tell you that  you can’t. Unless it is one of your parents, then listen to them.

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