Cat Eyes

by Sam P. | October 15th, 2013 | Teen Fashion, Women's Beauty

eye makeupI often like to think of myself of a sort of teenage fashion guru.  Specifically, in the field of make up.  Lately, my favorite makeup trick has been the cat eye.  Its a fairly timeless look, and it can be easily transferred from day to night.  Although, it scares away many potential users due to its “difficulty level”.  Many women and girls shy away from this look because it is easier to mess up.

I will admit it, I used to be one of those people.  I mean there is a wing on both eyes, which most people think have to be identical.  And we are all human and it is impossible to exactly replicate such a look.  But don’t shy away yet, because I have a few tips to make your wings look perfect.

For a day look, do your usual face makeup routine.  When you get to your eyes, apply a shadow that is just one shade lighter than your skin tone.  This will help your eyes appear bigger and more awake.  Then, take a one inch piece of Scotch tape (any clear “gift wrap” tape will do) and line it up with your bottom lashes on the outside corner of your eye.  Leave about half of it past your eye.  Now just take your liquid liner and follow your upper lashes and then a go a little ways past your eyelashes.  Follow the tape.  Only go out about a centimeter or so; more than that will cause for a very drag queen look.  Peel off the tape and you should have a perfect line.  Now do the same on the other eye and you will have the perfect cat eye look.  Follow up with a little bit of eyeliner on your bottom lash line (use an eye pencil and don’t apply it to your water line).  Add a pinch of a white or cream shadow or highlighter to your inner corners.  Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes and you are ready to go!

To switch this look to night, apply the tape on again.  Try to get it in the same spot, but if its a little off that’s okay.  Apply a shadow that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone to your eyelid.  Then apply a medium shade in the crease, and a darker shade in the outside corner.  Take your liquid liner and follow over the line you had before.  When you wing it out you can make the line thicker and a little bit longer if you like.  Apply your eye pencil that you used on your bottom lashes before onto your water line and then apply another coat of mascara to your top lashes.   Add a little bit of a shimmery white or cream shadow or highlighter to the inside corner of your eye.

Tada!  Use this tape trick and you will never mess up or shy away from this bold look again.

(Photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero)

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