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combat boots (400x396)

Combat Boots

by Sam P. February 25th, 2016| Fashion, Shoes, Teen Fashion
By now I am sure you have all heard me rave on and on about combat boots, but come to think of it, I still haven't honored them enough.  I haven't given them their own article yet!  If you are an avid reader and follow my bi-weekly post, you
Sams eyebrow cut

Beauty DIY: Eyebrow Cuts

by Sam P. September 10th, 2015| Beauty, DIY
For my last every beauty DIY, yes, I know it is a sad day, I am throwing it back to the 80s.  Eyebrow cuts were a huge trend and it is coming back again, just as all fads do.  Personally, I think the look is cutting edge (Get it?
Sam Diy dress (400x400)

DIY Button Down Dress

by Sam P. August 27th, 2015| DIY, Fashion

So, I already told you how to wear a brother's, boyfriends, or father's button down shirt as a skirt.  But now here is how to wear it as a dress.  There are a few different styles.  Some easier than others, but none of them require glue, scissors, sewing, any
diy pore cleanser (400x400)

DIY Beauty: Pore Cleaner and Blackhead Remover

by Sam P. August 13th, 2015| Beauty, DIY

We all struggle with blackheads and gunked up pores around our T-zone, especially in the hot summer heat.  I personally have tried everything, from facial scrubs to nose strips to clear my pores.  They work fairly well, but they can be so expensive.  On top of this I have
distressed shorts diy (400x400)

DIY Distressed Shorts

by Sam P. July 30th, 2015| DIY, Fashion

The distressed and undone look is so in, but so expensive.  And of course it does seem redundant to buy shorts or pants that already have holes in them for more than the ones without holes.  It seems far smarter to me to buy a cheap pair of shorts
sam lashes (400x400)

DIY Strip Lashes vs. Individual Lashes

by Sam P. July 16th, 2015| Beauty, DIY
For those of you who have ever worked with fake lashes before, you know that sometimes it is worth just going natural.  But for those of you that are more like me, you know that sometimes it is also worth the hassle.   Even with the tips I gave four
no sew clutch (400x400)

DIY No Sew Clutch

by Sam P. July 2nd, 2015| DIY, Fashion
I love a good clutch, but it seems as though I can never find the perfect one.  It has to be just the right size, color, look, almost as if I should just make my own.  So after a bit of peeking around online I combined a few tips
sams lashes

DIY Fake False Lashes

by Sam P. June 18th, 2015| Beauty, DIY
So I know fake false lashes seems kind of redundant, but with this mascara tip your lashes will be so out of this world that no one will believe they're real.  The trick is layering, but then combing through so they don't become clumpy.  Everyone says that after you
diy striped shoes (400x400)

DIY Fun Striped Shoes

by Sam P. June 4th, 2015| DIY, Fashion
We all have that one pair of Vans, Converse, Toms, whatever they are, that we have worn into desolation.  What used to be a cute pair of bright white slip ons are now a ratty pair of dingy shoes.  Why not transform them into a new pair of shoes? 
DIY teeth whitener (400x400)

DIY Teeth Whitener

by Sam P. May 21st, 2015| Beauty, DIY
As summer approaches we need to be beach ready, and this includes our not so pearly whites.  Let's face it, we drink coffee, tea, soda, tons of things that stain our teeth.  And getting your teeth whitened is so expensive, it isn't even worth it.  Of course whitening toothpastes
crop top (400x400)

DIY Crop Top

by Sam P. May 7th, 2015| DIY, Fashion
Summer weather is here which means we need crop tops.  With a pair of high waisted shorts, or over a bathing suit at the beach, they are the ultimate summer top.  They are light and fun, but still cover everything that needs to be covered.  You can wear the
sams eyebrows

DIY Full Brows

by Sam P. April 23rd, 2015| Beauty, DIY
Full brows are a new trend that is sweeping over the nation.  If you are like me, you are both blessed and cursed with thin brows.  Sure, when thin brows are in its great because we hardly have to pluck, but right now, not so lucky.  The solution is
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