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Buying Boy’s Underwear

by T Akery June 21st, 2012| Kids' Shopping, Shopping Secrets
Boys are arguable difficult when it comes to buying undergarments. Girls often go for the frilly, princess type of underwear; however, boys can be a bit of problem mainly because they have extra parts to think about keeping comfortable.

Pay attention to the size of the waistband. Boys waistbands are

Children’s Tank Tops

by T Akery June 8th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
Tank tops are a summer item. These sleeveless shirts are designed to create a minimum amount of fuss; however, just like any other piece of clothing, you need to be aware of what you are buying. There are a few issues that can quickly turn a tank top into

Buying Children’s Shorts

by T Akery May 24th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
The end of the school year means summer and hot weather. It is a time when winter clothes are stored in favor of shorts. Shorts are really a necessity, but you don't have to spend a lot to find a few pairs that will last through the summer months.


The Toddler’s Skirt

by T Akery May 11th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
Skirts and dresses are a very popular choice for toddler girls to wear. In their world, the frillier they are, the better they look. Yet, toddlers aren't always going to keep their skirts down when playing. This can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations for parents. Furthermore, there may be

Children’s Socks

by T Akery April 26th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
The one item of children's clothing that seems to disappear without any explanation is socks. Where they wind up defies logic. While it is very convenient to blame lost socks on the sock monster, the truth is that socks are a part of your clothing budget. Although they aren't

Girl’s Bathing Suits

by T Akery April 13th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
Summer is coming, and with it comes fun in the sun and water. That means that a girl's bathing suit is a necessity. Picking the right type of a bathing suit for girls is just as hard as picking out one for yourself. You have to make sure it

Easter Dresses

by T Akery March 30th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
Once spring has presented itself in nature, the time to think about Easter dresses has arrived. Those colorful dresses are decorating stores and announcing that Easter will be here very shortly. Unfortunately, this is usually a dress that doesn't see much wear other than on the day of the

Children’s Jeans

by T Akery March 16th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
Any parent that shops for children's jeans knows that it is the one of the hardest pieces of clothing to fit. It either fits in the waist and doesn't fit in the length, or it fits in length and slides off the waist. Belts aren't always a reliable solution

Black Pants for Girls

by T Akery February 29th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
When shopping on a budget, you need to consider pieces of clothing that are versatile and can be worn with just about anything. For girls, the black pants are one piece of clothing that fits the criteria. Black goes with practically everything. They don't show dirt. It is also

Shopping for Children’s Hats

by T Akery February 16th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
Hats are both a necessity and an accessory. Whether you are shopping to complete your child's Easter outfit or to keep the cold out, children's hats are a little tricky to get the right size. Picking out the right size means measuring the circumference of your child's head. This

Kids’ Jackets

by T Akery February 2nd, 2012| Kids' Shopping
Kid's jackets are one of those items of clothing that has a limited use in their wardrobe. Unlike other items, the jacket is usually pricier than other winter clothing. Finding the right size jacket and for a really good price can be a little difficult.

The time to start looking

Using Freecycle for Children’s Clothing

by T Akery January 20th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
Freecycle is a network where individual's advertise the things they want to get rid of. The idea is that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." In this case, it is a way of getting children's clothing for free; however, there are a couple of things you should be
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