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Avoiding the Wrong Plus-size Casual Tops

by Cricket Webber October 1st, 2015| Casual Wear, Plus-Size Fashion
If you go looking for advice on body types, you'll get all kinds of information. Endomorphs, mesomorphs, ectomorphs, apple-shaped, pear-shaped…and the list goes on and on. But let's face it. When it comes to dressing the top half of your body, especially if you're plus-sized, there are two main

Finding the Elusive Perfect Pair of Pants

by Cricket Webber September 17th, 2015| Casual Wear, Plus-Size Fashion
It can literally take years to find just the perfect casual pants. Believe me, I've tried. And when you do find that one, perfect pair it's like the heavens opened up and the angels are singing. The big key is that you have to try them on. You can't

Best Plus-Size Women’s Yoga Pants

by Lana Bandoim September 3rd, 2015| Casual Wear, Plus-Size Fashion
Yoga pants have become a staple in women’s closets, and they are still a top choice for activewear. If you are searching for plus-size yoga pants, then you may want to consider the following options. They are comfortable and have a good fit that combines support with durability.

Maurices Yoga

Plus-size White Dresses for Casual Days

by Lana Bandoim August 6th, 2015| Casual Wear, Plus-Size Fashion
The white dress has become a summer staple, and its versatility makes it the perfect option for casual days. If you are looking for a plus-size white dress, then consider the following options. These dresses have special details such as lace and ruffles that make them unique and help

5 Perfect Plus-size Summer Floral Dresses

by Lana Bandoim July 9th, 2015| Casual Wear, Plus-Size Fashion
Floral prints are a popular design for summer dresses, but it is easy to become disillusioned with ugly patterns and overwhelming colors. You do not want boring roses or ugly abstract flowers. However, these plus-size floral dresses have beautiful and unique prints.

Bookmaking Brunch Dress in Roses

The Bookmaking
stiped shirt (400x400)

5 Trendy Plus-size Casual Striped Tops

by Lana Bandoim June 11th, 2015| Casual Wear, Plus-Size Fashion
Stripes are a classic look, but they are also a current trend. If you are ready to break the old-fashioned rule about not wearing horizontal stripes because they make you look bigger, then try these plus-size tops. They are casual, comfortable and beautiful. In addition, these tops are designed