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Love of Fashion: Best Dressed Contest

by Gabriella Servello June 13th, 2013| Shopping Secrets, Women's Fashion
Do you love making a fashion statement with your outfits? Are you constantly searching Pinterest for the most up-to-date fashion tips and ideas? Are you a shopaholic, always finding yourself buying more clothes (even though you don’t need them)?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, how

Weekly Fashion Deals From July 9th Through 14th

by Anna P. July 9th, 2012| Accessories, Shopping Secrets, Women's Fashion
Shop now and save on summer's biggest fashion essentials. Many of your favorite stores are still putting their spring and summer pieces up on clearance and other stores that are in a hurry to get their fall merchandise up are marking down their current summer items even further. What

Buying Boy’s Underwear

by T Akery June 21st, 2012| Kids' Shopping, Shopping Secrets
Boys are arguable difficult when it comes to buying undergarments. Girls often go for the frilly, princess type of underwear; however, boys can be a bit of problem mainly because they have extra parts to think about keeping comfortable.

Pay attention to the size of the waistband. Boys waistbands are

Celebrity Inspired Fashion for Less

by Anna P. January 31st, 2012| Shopping Secrets
In this media saturatated world that's obsessed with young starlets and multi-talented socialites, it's easy to covet everything they own. We can't afford the jet-set lifetyle that's punctuated with resort vacations and large mansions. We can't afford indulgent gourmet meals and rare Italian wines at the newest trendy restaurants.

Saving on Prescription Drugs – Part 4

by Jodi Furman December 28th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
This is the last installment in a four part series covering Jodi's tips for saving on prescription drugs.

If you are a Medicare recipient, you should both ensure that the drug coverage plan that you choose during the open enrollment period at the end of each calendar year

Saving on Prescription Drugs – Part 3

by Jodi Furman December 22nd, 2011| Shopping Secrets
Last week, Jodi taught us how to save using store prescription programs; this week she discusses mail order and coupon discount cards.

Mail Order

If you have insurance, your insurance company may charge you a lower co-pay if you fill your prescriptions through the insurance company’s mail order division

Saving on Prescription Drugs – Part 2

by Jodi Furman December 14th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
Last week, Jodi discussed price shopping as a way to save on prescription drugs. This week, she invites you to explore store prescription programs.

Store Prescription Programs
Many national drug stores and discount stores offer a multitude of generic drugs for as low as $4 for a 30-day supply or

Saving on Prescription Drugs – Part 1

by Jodi Furman December 7th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
Saving money is a necessity across the board, but when it comes to prescription costs, you want to ensure that you’re cutting your costs wisely without running around to a half dozen stores every month or taking unnecessary risks by ordering meds from unscrupulous and unknown sources. There are

Giving Back Without Spending a Dime – Part 3

by Jodi Furman November 16th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
This is the final installment of a three part series. Last week Jody suggested we give back by using coupons. This week she lets us know about matching donations, as well has how to check if a charity is legitimate.

If you opt to donate cash rather than

Giving Back Without Spending a Dime – Part 2

by Jodi Furman November 9th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
Last week Jodi told us how to buy one and donate one, as well as where to donate usable items we no longer find useful. This week consider using coupons to "give back."

Rather than donating money, consider pooling your coupon resources with your neighbors, friends, school, scouting

Giving Back Without Spending a Dime – Part 1

by Jodi Furman November 2nd, 2011| Shopping Secrets
There are many people with good hearts that want to give to charity, but they feel that they can’t afford it because of hard economic times. There is a way to feel great about giving to the less fortunate and not have to worry about your bank account. Follow

100 Ways to Save $100 – Part 4

by Jodi Furman October 26th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
This is the last installment in a four part series. Read on to learn Jodi's tips on how to save on food, clothing, household, and transportation.


-Let the sales dictate what you’re eating -- this week you might have salmon, ground turkey, and whole chicken (since that's what's on sale!)
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