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Fun Fall Activewear

by Sam P. September 22nd, 2015| Athletic Wear, Teen Fashion

I feel as though active wear is becoming easier and easier to find.  At first it was a thing you could only find from Nike or Under Armor.  And then I discovered Eastbay, and I was able to find just about everything I

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Active Wear for the Hot Summer Heat

by Sam P. June 16th, 2015| Athletic Wear, Teen Fashion
We all love the summer, the beach, ice cream, just being outside all the time.  It's great.  And we all want that perfect summer body, but it is just way too hot out to work out, right?  Wrong.  Sure you can get a gym membership and work out in
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Teen’s Fashion: Active Wear

by Sam P. January 27th, 2015| Athletic Wear, Teen Fashion

Active wear is fabulous because it is so gosh darn comfy.  From sports bras, to spandex, to running tights, there are so many brands to choose from, all of which vary in price and quality.  I am most certainly a Nike girl,