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Long Pencil Skirts

by Sam P. November 3rd, 2016| Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion

The junior section at Macy's is often hit or miss, but on the skirts recently it has been quite a hit.  This season I have been obsessed with long pencil skirts, the ones that hit at about mid-calf to just below the knee length.  They are great because they are
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Casual Bottoms of the Summer

by Sam P. July 14th, 2016| Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion
There isn't always much variety in casual bottoms of the summer, what really is there to wear besides shorts?  There are always shortalls and skirts, but you can't really wear those everyday like you can with shorts.  There are, although, many different styles of shorts.  From colored shorts to
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Boyfriend Fit Jeans

by Sam P. October 6th, 2015| Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion

So I glanced over these briefly in our fall essentials article, but I love boyfriend fit jeans.  They are so comfortable and so cute.  They were in style in the eighties (maybe your mom still has a pair or two) and just like most styles

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Lace Crochet Shorts

by Sam P. August 11th, 2015| Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion

These lightweight and cute shorts are incredibly popular today.  They are light and comfy, perfect for a hot summer day.  They go great with any outfit.  You can edge them up for a grungier vibe, or take them the other way for a

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Casual Bottoms: Boyfriend Fit Jeans

by Sam P. March 24th, 2015| Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion
The majority of my life I have always been a fan of skinny jeans, except for an awkward half year faze where all I wore were flare jeans... that was an uncomfortable time.  Skinny jeans are fabulous as they tend to be the most flattering type of jeans for
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Casual Bottoms for Spring

by Sam P. April 22nd, 2014| Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion
As we trek closer and closer to summer the weather is getting warmer and warmer.  I don't know about you guys further south, but up here in frigid New Hampshire we have actually had seventy degree days.  And yes, you did read that right.  In fact, last night I