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Casual Tops

by Sam P. March 23rd, 2016| Casual Tops, Teen Fashion
As much as formal attire can look quite classy, casual attire is just something every female teen can't live without.  From oxfords to sweaters to summer tops, casual tops are just necessary.  I have many favorites, all of which I have favorite ways to wear.  There are so any
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Top Ten Accessory Necessities

by Sam P. January 21st, 2016| Casual Tops, Teen Fashion
Fashion is a very funny thing, and fads come and go all the time.  But, there are ten accessories I think every female needs, and always will need.  They are all basic, simple things that are the base to many, if not all, outfits.

  1. A black camisole.  If anything, you
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The Cutest Casual Tops for This Winter

by Sam P. October 20th, 2015| Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

OK, so I love blouses, but now I love them even more.  Tie blouses have become extremely popular for this winter and I am so excited about it (I call them tie blouses, but it is really more of a bow).  They are

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Cold Shoulder Tops

by Sam P. July 14th, 2015| Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

Cold shoulder tops are my new favorite obsession.  They are gorgeous and comfy.  Light, flowy material is perfect for the summer, and the off the shoulder look is great, as well.  They work well with absolutely everything.  The spaghetti straps keep it from

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Stocking Up for Next Year

by Sam P. February 24th, 2015| Casual Tops, Teen Fashion
As February comes to an end after what seemed like an eternity of snow many stores have an end of the season clearance.  I have always thought this is the perfect time to buy big heavy sweaters and flannels.  Not because I will be needing them soon in the
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Casual Summer Tops to Battle the Heat

by Sam P. June 17th, 2014| Casual Tops, Teen Fashion
Now that summer is finally here everyone is complaining that it is too hot.  Two months ago, even just a few weeks ago, people were saying it was too cool and that they couldn't wait for this weather, but now that it is upon us we want to avoid
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The Perfect New Year’s Eve Party Dress

by Sam P. December 24th, 2013| Casual Tops
As the new year draws closer, we are all making plans to just accidentally show up at the same party as your crush just in time for the countdown.  Not all parties are formal, but more often that not people like to dress up or be more festive for New
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Winter Must Haves

by Sam P. December 10th, 2013| Casual Tops, Teen Fashion
Now, winter isn't my favorite season, but I do love the layering and style opportunities.  Everything is comfy and warm, not to mention super cute.  I have a few pieces of clothing that I think everyone needs to survive the cold holiday season.

A chambray or oxford blouse.  The usual

Thanksgiving Attire

by Sam P. November 26th, 2013| Casual Tops, Teen Fashion
Thanksgiving isn't often a holiday that calls for fancy attire, but it just doesn't seem right to show up in your oldest shirt and sweats.  The trick to your perfect Thanksgiving outfit is finding one nice piece that you want to wear and pairing it with casual everything else.

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Hats and Hairstyles

by Sam P. November 12th, 2013| Casual Tops, Current Trends
My current obsession is hats.  A few years ago, when my hair was much shorter, I was obsessed with fedoras.  I absolutely loved them and wore them whenever I could.  Back then they worked on me because my hair was so short.  Now, not so much.  But lately I've been
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How to Stay Warm at Football Games

by Sam P. October 29th, 2013| Casual Tops
If you live anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line you'll be sure to agree that it is getting quite cold out.  And last Friday night at my school's homecoming game I was sure that my toes had frost bite.  By the end of the night I couldn't even

10 Fall Necessities

by Sam P. October 1st, 2013| Casual Tops, Current Trends, Shoes, Shoes, Teen Fashion
This year, to tackle the fashion scene there are ten necessities that every girl needs.  They are all simple basic articles of clothing that I think every girl should have.  They are versatile and chic, and simply necessary.

  1. A fitted jacket, either a blazer or jean
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