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Thanksgiving Outfits

by Sam P. November 10th, 2015| Date Night Outfits, Teen Fashion

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am so excited.  Thanksgiving is a tough holiday to dress for, though.  The focus of the holiday is eating so you want to be comfortable, but you still want to look nice.  Of course, if

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Spring Date Night Outfits

by Sam P. April 21st, 2015| Date Night Outfits, Teen Fashion
Spring is wonderful.  Around 60 or 70 degrees is still cool enough to be refreshing, but warm enough that you aren't cold.  During the day it is wonderful, but at night it can still be a little chilly.  And when the wind blows it can be a tad chilly too.  The
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New Year’s Eve Date Night Outfits

by Sam P. December 30th, 2014| Date Night Outfits, Teen Fashion

As 2014 comes to a wrap we have to start planning our New Year’s Eve festivities.  While your plans may not be coming together as smoothly as you had hoped, your outfit will.  New Year’s Eve is traditionally known for colors

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First Date Outfit Ideas

by Sam P. December 2nd, 2014| Date Night Outfits, Teen Fashion
First dates are probably one of the most awkward things out there, so why make yourself more uncomfortable with your outfit?  There are four rules to date outfits.  One, be as comfortable as possible.  This doesn't mean wear sweats, but don't force yourself into a too tight dress to
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Date Night Outfits for Summer

by Sam P. August 12th, 2014| Date Night Outfits, Teen Fashion
As we reach mid August the heat is still going strong.  The location of your date may change the temperature for you a bit so always remember to bring a sweater.  And of course, always dress accordingly for the weather.  Up in New England, August is just as hot
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Date Night Outfit Ideas

by Sam P. May 20th, 2014| Date Night Outfits
For me, date nights are the time where I truly allow myself to feel feminine and go all out.  Often times at school, I just don't want to put in the effort to look over the top amazing, because that means I have to get up earlier.  But, when