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Teen Fashion Essentials

by Sam P. November 17th, 2016| Essentials, Teen Fashion
The three fashion essentials that will be highlighted today are the basic blazer, skinny jeans, and boots.  All three of these are necessary items to be storing in your closet.  They can all be worn in multiple ways, and are the base to all of your outfits.  In a
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Teen Fashion: Rings

by Sam P. October 20th, 2016| Essentials, Teen Fashion

Lately I have been absolutely obsessed with rings.  And not just “Oh, I love rings! They're so pretty, but OMG I need to get to the mall now to buy more rings!” Usually I don't bother with buying jewelry since it tends to be far too expensive for what
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Back to School Essentials

by Sam P. July 28th, 2016| Essentials, Teen Fashion
As school, unfortunately, comes rounding around the corner we must prepare our closets for it.  This means parting our ways with our ever lovable short shorts and crop tops, and saying hello to jeans and full length shirts.  There are several things this fall that I find to be
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How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

by Sam P. June 2nd, 2016| Essentials, Teen Fashion
As the weather really starts to warm up many of us are searching for any way to stay cool.  I find the easiest way to do so is with dresses.  As long as the material is right you'll feel cool and fresh in your stylish dress.

Maxi Dresses: Maxi dresses
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Spring Essentials

by Sam P. May 5th, 2016| Essentials, Teen Fashion
Spring is a great season. School is starting to calm down, baseball season is upon us, along with other spring school sports, and clothing becomes much lighter. There are a few spring essentials, in my opinion, and they include the perfect pair of capris, overalls, and crop tops.

  • Capris -
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Holiday Gift Ideas for a Female Teen

by Sam P. December 8th, 2015| Essentials, Teen Fashion
Christmas is here and it is a jolly time of the year. The only difficult thing about Christmas is the gift giving, specifically for your older teens. Sure, you could ask them what they want, but then they know what they’re getting and to be honest, the anticipation and
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Winter Fashion Essentials

by Sam P. November 24th, 2015| Essentials, Pending, Teen Fashion

Depending on where you live, your winter may not be as cold as others, but up here in New England it gets quite nippy.  These are what I consider to be the winter essentials for where I live, but if you live somewhere

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End of the Summer Sales: Bathing Suits

by Sam P. September 8th, 2015| Essentials, Teen Fashion
Many people often say the end of the summer is the best time to buy, but I have mixed feelings.  If you’re still younger it can be tough, you never know when you’re going to hit a growth spurt, but if you think you’re done growing you should be
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Fall 2015 Fashion Essentials

by Sam P. August 25th, 2015| Essentials, Teen Fashion

This fall is all about comfort.  From boyfriend fit jeans, to over-sized totes, comfort and functionality are the only things you need to worry about.  Of course, everyone needs the basic essentials; comfy go to shoes and tank tops, sweatpants, leggings, and of

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The Perfect Summer Swimsuit

by Sam P. June 2nd, 2015| Essentials, Teen Fashion

Bathing suit shopping is both the greatest and worst thing ever.  Let's be real, who wants to stand in front of a distorted mirror in hideous lighting while we critique every little nook and cranny of our body while wearing the tiniest thing

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Accessory Essentials: Sunglasses

by Sam P. May 19th, 2015| Essentials, Teen Fashion
With summer approaching we need to protect our eyes.  The perfect way to do that is with a pair of cute and cheap sunnies.  Sunglasses have become more and more expensive over the past few years.  I understand the want for name brand products, believe me we all have
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Teen Fashion Essential: Light Spring Jacket

by Sam P. April 7th, 2015| Essentials, Teen Fashion
Now that spring is finally here, it is about time we break out our spring wardrobe.  But if you live in a place similar to New Hampshire, you know that occasionally Mother Nature gets mad and snows even though it was just fifty degrees out the day before.  This
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