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Spring Jewelry

by Sam P. April 7th, 2016| Jewelry
As the warm weather approaches, it is ever so important to switch out our jewelry with our clothes.  This season is filled with pastel colors and large statement necklaces.  Chandelier earrings and knuckle rings are quite popular as well.

With such attention grabbing pieces it is quite easy to overpower
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Body Chains

by Sam P. July 28th, 2015| Jewelry, Teen Fashion

Body chains have become all the rage this summer.  For any of you that follow Alexis Ren on Instagram, you already know how to rock one.  But for many of us, we don't even know what they are.  In short, a body chain

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DIY Jewelry for the Summer

by Sam P. July 1st, 2014| Jewelry
In the summer most of us often turn a blind eye to jewelry.  It is a pretty forgettable thing, we wake up and pretty much head right out the door.  We aren't trying to impress anyone as we do at school, so we tend to forget the finishing touches.