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How to Wear Arbitrary Colors

by Sam P. February 2nd, 2017| Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion
Those of you that have knowledge in the artist or computer world will know that arbitrary colors are colors that usually would not be paired together.  Think of them as complimentary colors that have been altered a few shades.  They are also referred to as handpicked colors, so something
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Sam’s Suggestion on Closet Clear Outs

by Sam P. January 5th, 2017| Sam's Suggestions
Once every six months to a year you need to clear out your closet out.  Chances are, there are a ton of things in there that you either don't wear anymore or they don't fit.  This is a great way to figure out what does and doesn't fit anymore,
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Stylish Winter Coats

by Sam P. December 22nd, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
Winter is one of my favorite fashion seasons because there's so much to wear.  Leggings, jeans, sweaters, jackets, and coats.  When I used to think of coats I thought of those hideous puffy, bubble coats our parents used to make us wear when we played out in the snow. 
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Emergency Kit to Keep in a Car or Purse

by Sam P. December 8th, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
Emergency fashion kits are a very important thing to have, and you should always have one on hand with you.  I keep mine in my purse, but will probably be switching to my car soon as I prefer to carry around a small clutch and the kit takes up
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Dressing Warmly for Cold Games

by Sam P. November 10th, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
As football playoffs approach, it seems that each game gets colder and colder, and as it gets colder your outfit becomes thicker and thicker.  The best way to dress warmly for the chilly fall games, and to not look like a marshmallow, is with layers that not only keep
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How to Create a New Dress From an Old One

by Sam P. October 13th, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
My homecoming dance is coming up in about a week or two, and I still have yet to find a dress.  Most stores are sold out at this point, my school always has their dance really late in the year, and I don't really have the money to buy
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Casual Tops for School

by Sam P. September 22nd, 2016| Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion
This year I am obsessed with long cardigans, flannel button downs, and over-sized sweaters.  If you haven't noticed, I like my clothes to be comfy.  The other great thing about all of these tops is that you can wear them with a lot of stuff.

My favorite outfit so far
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The Best Way to Stay Cool at School

by Sam P. September 15th, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
I don't know about all of you, but my school does not have air conditioning so in may classes it can get far too hot to concentrate.  If you're wearing jeans, boots, and a sweater you won't be any better off.  The first thing to remember is to dress
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Sam’s Suggestions on Buying Bathing Suits

by Sam P. August 18th, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
I know summer is rolling to an end, but that doesn't mean your summer shopping is quite over yet.  At the end of every summer almost every store puts their bathing suits and summer clothes on sale.  If you are anything like me you love to shop, but hate
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How to Reinvent Your Jewelry

by Sam P. July 21st, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
The other day I found an old necklace in the bottom of my jewelry drawer.  I was going to throw it away and then I realized I could reuse it.  It was a medium length necklace with large chunky fake gems dangling from it in a chandelier fashion.  The
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What to Wear to the Beach

by Sam P. July 7th, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
Now that we are in the full swing of summer, beach trips are a must.  But, what do you wear?  Typically you have to wear a shirt and shorts over your suit if you don't want to go buy a cover up, but it is much easier than that. 
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How to Look Festive for the Fourth

by Sam P. June 23rd, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
The Fourth of July is right around the corner and you want to look as festive as possible for your cookout.  The main thing to tackle is the pattern.  If you have anything with flags on it, wear it.  If not, red, white, and blue work.  You don't have
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