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Teen Fashion – Ballet Flats

by Sam P. October 6th, 2016| Shoes, Teen Fashion
Ballet flats are cute and comfy shoes that have been in style for the past few years.  They are great because they are versatile and can typically be found for fairly inexpensive amounts.  They work very well for almost any occasion and with almost any outfit.  I like pairing
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Spring Shoes

by Sam P. March 10th, 2016| Shoes, Teen Fashion
This upcoming spring season has lots to hold.  Some of the most interesting things on the runway of Fashion Week 2014 were the shoes; all different sorts of crazy styles.  Of course, some will probably never see the shelf of a store, and if they do they'll never make
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Combat Boots

by Sam P. February 25th, 2016| Fashion, Shoes, Teen Fashion
By now I am sure you have all heard me rave on and on about combat boots, but come to think of it, I still haven't honored them enough.  I haven't given them their own article yet!  If you are an avid reader and follow my bi-weekly post, you
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Shoes for the Hot Summer Heat

by Sam P. June 30th, 2015| Shoes, Teen Fashion

Most people check the weather, see a sweltering 90 degrees for next week, and rush out to buy a pair of flip flops.  Now flip flops are great, but they won't necessarily keep your feet cooler than any other shoe will.  In fact, your

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The Perfect Prom Heels

by Sam P. February 10th, 2015| Shoes, Teen Fashion
Finding the perfect heels for prom can be a daunting task.  I mean just finding the right dress is hard enough as is.  They need to be tall enough to make you feel elegant and glamorous, but not so tall that you can't walk in them.  I love the
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Shoes of the Fall 2014

by Sam P. September 9th, 2014| Shoes, Teen Fashion
This fall straps are very much in fashion.  From the catwalk to the school hallway, straps are everywhere.  From strappy sandals for the last warm days of fall, to strappy heels, to even strappy boots.  Boots are quite in fashion, as well.  Boots pop up every fall and winter,

10 Fall Necessities

by Sam P. October 1st, 2013| Casual Tops, Current Trends, Shoes, Shoes, Teen Fashion
This year, to tackle the fashion scene there are ten necessities that every girl needs.  They are all simple basic articles of clothing that I think every girl should have.  They are versatile and chic, and simply necessary.

  1. A fitted jacket, either a blazer or jean
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Combat Boots

by Sam P. September 17th, 2013| Shoes, Teen Fashion
This fall, and probably winter, everybody has been and will be fawning over combat boots.  Sure your Uggs are ever so comfy, and you can still wear them, but the new hot thing is combat boots.  They're really quite versatile and come in many different

Summer Shoes

by Sam P. May 14th, 2013| Shoes, Teen Fashion
I love summer.  It is truly my favorite season.  There are so many outfit opportunities, plus no school!  But my favorite part - the shoes.  Boots and moccasins are cute, but my favorite types of shoes are sandals and flip flops.  There are so many different types!

Flips flops are


by Sam P. January 22nd, 2013| Shoes, Teen Fashion
I love boots.  Any kind of boot will do: heeled boots, leather boots, Ugg boots.  They look good on everyone and can be incredibly comfortable.  And there are so many different types that you can pair them with any outfit.  A pair of skinny jeans with a sweater and