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5 Multi-Task Hairbrushes for Style & Shine

by R. Carnavale November 22nd, 2016| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
When you're searching for the best hair products for your hair, in addition to shampoo, conditioner and mousse, you'll want to purchase a hairbrush that works well with your hair type, whether it's fine and straight or thick and curly. A great brush will help you achieve the style
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Hair Masks for Under $10

by R. Carnavale September 29th, 2016| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
Soften and moisturize your extra dry or over-processed hair with a monthly hair mask treatment. Hair masks result in a deep-conditioning effect on your hair’s outer cuticle and the nourishing ingredients in a hair mask will actually close the hair’s cuticle, leaving even dry, over processed locks looking super
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Makeup Tips to Take 10 Years Off Your Face

by R. Carnavale August 11th, 2016| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
You may be getting older but you don't have to look older thanks to makeup miracles that can subtract years from your face. Makeup products tricks and products that you used when you were younger may need to be changed, so here are some tips to help you make
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20 Tips for Beautiful Eyes

by R. Carnavale June 6th, 2016| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
A Yiddish proverb says the "eyes are the mirror of the soul" and they most certainly are one of the most important features in your overall appearance, so you'll want to make your eyes look as beautiful as possible. Eye makeup is so affordable, fairly easy to apply and
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Go “Gaga” with Beauty Facelift Tape

by R. Carnavale April 26th, 2016| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
Maybe you caught the recent news about Lady Gaga's using facial tape to pull the skin around her neck and cheekbones tight and to help form her cat-eyes look. Let's face it -- over the years, the force of gravity and decreasing collagen production causes your
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Spring Makeup Makeover How-Tos

by R. Carnavale March 31st, 2016| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
Spring may be in the air, but maybe your face still has winter's long, gray cold days written all over it. Now that the weather is turning warmer, the sun is shining and you're packing away your winter wardrobe, it's time to make your beautiful face ready to sparkle.
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DIY Facial Treatments for Winter Skin Care

by R. Carnavale January 28th, 2016| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
Soothe and protect your skin and lips from winter's bitter weather, especially if you suffer from dry skin. These DIY facial care recipes will keep your skin glowing while softening and moisturizing your skin. In addition, these homemade recipes are easy to make and cost a fraction of what
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7 Cold Weather Skincare Tips

by R. Carnavale January 7th, 2016| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
When the weather outside is frightful, it's time to be on high alert because the winter weather puts your beautiful complexion at risk. Wind and cold temperatures tend to irritate your skin and brisk winds, and the lack of humidity in the air can make your skin drier than

Holiday Makeup Tips to Make You Sparkle

by R. Carnavale December 31st, 2015| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
It's the holiday season and you'll want to look your very best at all of the social events you'll be attending. In addition to your hair and outfit, your makeup will make the difference between your looking glam and young vs drab and old. What brand, colors and techniques
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4 Beauty Splurges for the Holidays

by Lori Sciame December 25th, 2015| Beauty Products, Women's Beauty
The holidays focus on the idea of giving. We give gifts to the special people in our lives, we give money and toys to charity, and we even give our time to attend special events, such as our children's holiday concerts; however, do we remember to give to the one person
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3 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Beauty Lover

by Cricket Webber December 11th, 2015| Beauty Products, Women's Beauty
For some gift givers, stocking stuffers are more complicated than the actual gifts are. If you're gifting to someone who loves beauty and haircare products, though, you're in luck. This year's beauty trends are just right for tucking into a stocking. They also work well with each other when
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4 Cheap Beauty Products with Rich Results

by Lori Sciame November 27th, 2015| Beauty Products, Women's Beauty
I have always been frugal, especially when contemplating beauty product purchases. While many women have fallen for slick advertising campaigns, I've turned a deaf ear to ads.  Instead, I've done a lot of research on skin and hair care. What I've found out will amaze you, and it will
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