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4 Beauty Splurges for the Holidays

by Lori Sciame December 25th, 2015| Beauty Products, Women's Beauty
The holidays focus on the idea of giving. We give gifts to the special people in our lives, we give money and toys to charity, and we even give our time to attend special events, such as our children's holiday concerts; however, do we remember to give to the one person
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3 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Beauty Lover

by Cricket Webber December 11th, 2015| Beauty Products, Women's Beauty
For some gift givers, stocking stuffers are more complicated than the actual gifts are. If you're gifting to someone who loves beauty and haircare products, though, you're in luck. This year's beauty trends are just right for tucking into a stocking. They also work well with each other when
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4 Cheap Beauty Products with Rich Results

by Lori Sciame November 27th, 2015| Beauty Products, Women's Beauty
I have always been frugal, especially when contemplating beauty product purchases. While many women have fallen for slick advertising campaigns, I've turned a deaf ear to ads.  Instead, I've done a lot of research on skin and hair care. What I've found out will amaze you, and it will
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3 Ideas for Inexpensive Nail Art

by Cricket Webber November 13th, 2015| Beauty Products, Women's Beauty
Ever have one of those days when you really want to do your nails, but nothing that you have is inspiring you at all? And the budget doesn't allow you to go out and really do much to add to your collection? The solution is to play with some
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Saving on Skincare: Use Your Products Correctly

by Cricket Webber October 23rd, 2015| Beauty Products, Women's Beauty
Have you ever looked at your skincare routine and wondered how you could improve it without spending a ton of money? The thing is, you're probably using one or more of your existing products wrong or at least mildly incorrectly. When you use your skincare products the way that
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Beauty and Haircare Under $10: Baking Soda

by Cricket Webber October 9th, 2015| Beauty Products, Haircare, Women's Beauty
When you're on a budget, all those expensive hair and beauty products look fantastic. Their packaging and their infomercials tell you all the magical things that they can do for you while you hear the angels singing in the background. You really don't need them, though. And to prove
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Best Concealers for Dry Skin Under $10

by Lana Bandoim September 11th, 2015| Beauty Products, Women's Beauty
Concealers can help you cover blemishes, but they can also dry out your skin. If you already suffer from dry skin, then you may want to try these products that will help you retain moisture while providing coverage. These concealers cost less than $10 and can help your skin