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Beauty and Haircare Under $10: Baking Soda

by Cricket Webber October 9th, 2015| Beauty Products, Haircare, Women's Beauty
When you're on a budget, all those expensive hair and beauty products look fantastic. Their packaging and their infomercials tell you all the magical things that they can do for you while you hear the angels singing in the background. You really don't need them, though. And to prove
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Lilla Rose Clips: Haircare Under $25

by Cricket Webber September 25th, 2015| Haircare, Women's Beauty
If you've had trouble with clips and barrettes before, then you probably gave up finding one that will work. Some of them pinch your hair, or even cut it. Lilla Rose clips, on the other hand, don't damage your hair and don't let it slide through the clip. The
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Best Shampoos for Damaged Hair for Under $25

by Lana Bandoim August 28th, 2015| Haircare, Women's Beauty
If you have damaged hair, then you know it is a struggle to repair it and stop more damage. The type of shampoo you use can make a big difference, so it is important to find one that is specifically designed for damaged hair. The following shampoos cost less