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Casual Wear Ideas for Any Holiday Party

by Cricket Webber December 2nd, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
Few things are more intimidating than getting an invitation to a holiday party and finding out the dress code for the night is casual. The thing is, casual can mean slightly different things in different situations. Heading out to a work party is a far cry from hosting your
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4 Tips for Buying and Wearing Basic Casual Tops

by Cricket Webber November 25th, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
Casual tops cover a lot of ground. You've got your garden variety T-shirts, camisoles, blouses and everything else in between. Trying to figure out which ones you need and how to wear them can be tricky, particularly if you're new to putting together a wardrobe that works interchangeably with
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4 Rules for Wearing Jeans to Work

by Cricket Webber November 18th, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
If you're one of the lucky souls who can wear jeans to work regularly, your first thought was probably, "Yay!!" And then you realized that the jeans that you have in your wardrobe don't quite cut it when it comes to looking and feeling your best at the office.
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3 Ways to Take Your Casual Work Top to Evening

by Cricket Webber October 21st, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
You might think that you need to make room in your closet to have room for casual wear and evening wear. The truth, though, is that you don't have to do that. With current trends leading toward slimming down your wardrobe and making it more of a seasonal "capsule,"
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What’s New in Women’s Casual Bottoms

by Lori Sciame October 14th, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
What's new in women's casual bottoms this fall?  A whole lot!  From daring fabrics, to bold colors, to interesting designs, women's casual pants can be called anything but boring. While a great pair of jeans is hard to beat for comfort and style, every woman should take some time
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5 Casual Wear Tops to Buy Now

by Lori Sciame September 16th, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
The change in seasons means one thing: summer clothing bargains abound.  While many women swoon over the new cold weather styles, a savvy shopper will seize the opportunity to purchase deeply discounted warm weather apparel.  In essence, don't shy away from the clearance racks this time of the year.
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3 Fantastic Casual Bottoms for Fall

by Lori Sciame September 9th, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
People have already started to post pumpkin craft ideas on Pinterest, and photos of families enjoying an apple orchard visit - including scrumptious apple donuts -  grace many news feeds on Facebook. This can only mean one thing: fall arrives soon. As temperatures begin to dip, it's time to invest in updated cold weather clothing, including
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Best Casual Tie-Front Cardigans

by Lana Bandoim August 19th, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
Tie-front cardigans are versatile and easy to wear to on casual days or nights. They are perfect for women who want to stay warm as the temperature falls but do not want to wear a baggy sweater. These cardigans are available in multiple colors and styles, so they can
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Unique Casual Tank Tops Perfect for Summer

by Lana Bandoim July 22nd, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
Tanks tops are a classic staple of summer wardrobes, and they are versatile. However, unique tank tops are more difficult to find, and store shelves tend to be filled with plain or solid color versions. If you want your casual outfit to stand out, then you may want to
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5 Perfect Casual Beach Dresses

by Lana Bandoim June 24th, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
You slathered on the sunscreen and packed your bag with books, snacks and water. Now, you must choose the best beach dress to cover up before you spend the day in the sun. The following casual dresses are perfect for lounging by the water and enjoying the beach.

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The Most Flattering Jeans for Your Body Type

by Editorial Team May 28th, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
Jeans are a staple garment for most women’s wardrobes. Jeans can be dressed up or dressed down, and no matter what body type you are, there is a style of jeans to suit you. If you are lucky enough to find the perfect pair of jeans, look after them