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9 Fashion Essentials for Stocking Stuffers

by Cricket Webber December 17th, 2015| Essentials, Women's Fashion
Stockings are sometimes tougher to figure out than gifts are. You want something small-ish, but something that still means something. So what can you put in there? Here are nine ideas that can work for any of the fashionable ladies on your list.

A Gift Certificate

Gift certificates get a lot
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4 Essential Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

by Cricket Webber November 26th, 2015| Essentials, Women's Fashion
When you're trying to build up your wardrobe, it's tempting to just purchase cheap items that can last you a season or two. A better option is to focus on the essential items that you can mix and match easily all year long. An added bonus to that is
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How to Wear a White Button-down Shirt

by Cricket Webber October 22nd, 2015| Essentials, Women's Fashion
You've probably heard a thousand times that a classic white button-down shirt is a wardrobe staple that you should definitely have in your closet. But it's intimidating, because it's so clean and white, and where on earth can you wear something like that? The thing is, the white button-down
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5 Essential Basics for Your Wardrobe

by Cricket Webber September 23rd, 2015| Essentials, Women's Fashion
Like a building, your wardrobe needs a strong foundation that you can build on. You can add all kinds of accessories to the essentials below that change each piece to look like you have a wardrobe full of tons of different clothes. The beauty of these five pieces is