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Inspiring Cocktail Dress Styles

by Anna P. October 27th, 2016| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
Dressing up is always fun, but dressing up for a party or cocktail event can sometimes be a little tricky. Do you need a cocktail dress? Can you wear your everyday sandals? What jewelry can you wear? The questions are endless, but the answers are not hard; we have
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Stylish Evening Wear Options for All Ages

by Anna P. September 1st, 2016| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
Whether that special occasion is just dinner with friends or a work-related cocktail party, dressing up is fun. However it's important to point out that dressing up may mean different things in different decades. A 20-something woman may strive for an evening look that is either edgy or a
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5 Show Stopping Holiday Dresses

by Lori Sciame December 9th, 2015| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
Flashy, fun, and exciting.  Those three words accurately describe this season's holiday dresses.  While the little black dress will always have its rightful place on the party scene, the holidays cry out for something a little bit more dazzling.  This holiday season, vow to embrace sparkle.  Try bold color.  Rock
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Choosing the Right Bra for Evening Wear

by Cricket Webber October 28th, 2015| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
Evening wear is complicated stuff. If you wear the wrong foundation garments, you'll end up looking frumpy rather than elegant and refined. The problem is that there are so many different styles of bras out there, so which ones are best to wear with which type of neckline? Here
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Transitioning Summer Evening Wear to Fall

by Cricket Webber September 24th, 2015| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
When you've got to get dressed up in that fuzzy time in between full summer and full fall, evening wear gets tricky. You've got that fabulous little dress that always makes you feel terrific, but by the time dinner is winding down, you're going to be freezing. There are
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5 Vintage Evening Looks from ModCloth

by Jessica B. August 5th, 2015| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
There is nothing I love more than dressing up in a nice vintage dress for an evening cocktail party or garden party, but I don’t always have the time to dig through thrift shops to find the perfect combination of vintage, adorable, inexpensive and the right size. That is
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5 Cute Summer Dresses

by Jessica B. July 8th, 2015| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
Summer is here, and that is a great opportunity to invest in a few cute evening dresses for those summer nights out with friends and family. This summer is all about trapeze dresses, bright patterns and colors, and vintage looks. Here are five adorable summer dresses that won’t break
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5 Great Evening Looks for Less From Forever21

by Jessica B. June 10th, 2015| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
For a long time I avoided Forever21 mostly because it has been a very long time since I was 21 and I didn’t think I would find anything there. But the truth is, there are some really great looks for less that won’t look too embarrassing on anyone over
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How to Find Prom Dresses for Under $100

by Jessica B. May 13th, 2015| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
Prom season is here, and that means the struggle of finding the perfect dress. There are still plenty of options available if you or your daughter are looking for a spectacular dress, but are on a budget. Here are a few ways you can find the perfect, unique dress

5 Ways to Feel Confident in Evening Wear

by Lori Sciame April 30th, 2015| Evening Wear, Plus-Size Fashion, Women's Fashion
Mass media...I hate you. Why? Because you glorify stick thin models, those that appear one carrot stick away from death. When you worship human twigs, you help to give plus size women a negative self-image.  As a result, these women may not feel as confident in evening wear as
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5 Beautiful Evening Wear Pieces From H&M

by Jessica B. April 15th, 2015| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
Beautiful evening wear pieces from H&M? Does that sound like a contradiction in terms? It shouldn’t be. This affordable clothing store can be a great resource for finding some of the hottest fashion trends from Europe for seriously affordable prices. Here are a few looks currently available fro H&M
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How to Get the Mad Men Evening Wear Look for Less

by Jessica B. March 18th, 2015| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
As Mad Men gets set to show its final season, now may be the last time to embrace its cutting edge vintage style when you go out on the town. The mod look is still going strong and as Mad Men edges closer to the 1970s, there are a
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