Caution: Foundation Bad?

by Delaney M. | December 25th, 2012 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

When it comes to foundation, many women do not know how to wear it. It is advisable to only wear foundation if you have a blemish that needs covering up, dark spots, or lines that you do not want to stand out. These are the only instances where foundation should be applied. It is not necessary to wear it for any other reason. If you want your skin stay its healthiest and look natural, it would be best to refrain from using liquid or powder foundation. Sometimes wearing either of those can cause more skin problems than you may have already originally had.

Some women may be embarrassed by flaws on their skin, or just feel like they need the extra layer of make-up in order for them to feel comfortable. This is understandable, because many women do not have high self-esteem without the application of a lot of make-up. This includes liquid or powder foundation. Although it is good at covering up flaws in the skin, it takes away from the natural appearance. If not applied correctly, it gives you the look that you have too much make-up on and can take away from your beauty instead of adding to it.

For teens, and those in their early twenties, foundation can actually cause breakouts.  This can cause a vicious cycle, where the covering of one blemish with foundation over the entire face, leads to another, then another.  A woman with acne needs to take special care to break that cycle if it is occurring.

In addition, foundation can accentuate wrinkles and crows feet in the face in an older woman, especially the liquid kind. This is because it runs into the wrinkle, and makes it stand out. Because of this, great care should be taken when picking a foundation to use. Ask for advice from a beauty consultant as to which type is best for your skin.

Also, if you are a woman who has dark spots and blemishes, you should buy a cream at the store that is supposed to help lessen those elements on your face. Normally, they will help diminish these issues, making them look significantly better. Purchasing a good cream, such as an Olay brand one, will help to diminish wrinkles and age spots. You are guaranteed to see some change within those areas. Typically, they will lighten and become more invisible. It has been proven with plenty of women.

If you are an older woman who frequently uses foundation, I suggest going to an expert for advice as stated above.  And if you are young and experience breakouts from wearing a foundation, give it a rest and see if your skin improves.  If not, a visit to the dermatologist may be in order.

Using foundation can benefit a woman’s overall appearance if it is used correctly.  Be careful of the above mistakes to let your natural beauty shine through!

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