Celebrity Inspired Fashion for Less

by Anna P. | January 31st, 2012 | Shopping Secrets

In this media saturatated world that’s obsessed with young starlets and multi-talented socialites, it’s easy to covet everything they own. We can’t afford the jet-set lifetyle that’s punctuated with resort vacations and large mansions. We can’t afford indulgent gourmet meals and rare Italian wines at the newest trendy restaurants. Fortunately, most of us can afford to dress like our favorite celebrities or at least emulate their style. Here’s how you can steal your favorite star’s style within budget.

1- Make a look book of your favorite celebrity styles. Which actress or singer has a style you’d like to copy? Once you figure that out, scout out pictures of her on the web or in magazines, print or cut out those pictures, and then make a scrapbook of the collection you found. Save the book and bring it on your next shopping trip for style inspiration.

2- Shop online boutiques that specialize in celebrity fashion. ShopBop, Bluefly, and CelebBoutique sell many of the same designer clothes that Hollywood’s biggest starts are spotted wearing. If you have a certain jacket, pair of jeans, handbag, or tee shirt in mind, there is a pretty good chance that you will find it in one of these stores.

3- If you have your doubts about wearing a certain garment or look, take heed. Most women are not as skinny as their favorite celebrities, and we’re not supposed to be anyway. You could choose to copy her accessories or handbag instead.

4- Forget about copying her style from head to toe. Instead, take elements of her style, and blend it in with your favorite pieces. For instance, if you loved the pair of black skinny jeans she wore, purchase your own pair and wear them with your favorite v-neck tee and ankle boots.

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