Charming (and Cheap) Watches

by Lori Sciame | November 20th, 2013 | Accessories

watch IIThis fall, one fashion accessory stands out among the rest: the watch. No longer dutiful and stuffy, watches in 2013 appear youthful and fun.  The best part is that the most fashionable watches can be purchased at rock bottom prices.  It’s time for you to learn what watch styles are hot; read this post for up to the minute information on this season’s must have accessory. (No trust fund necessary!)

Kitty Cats

Meow…Some of the cutest watches this fall have kitty cat faces.  This accessory is perfect for those that love everything feline. They add a bit of mystery as well, because there are no numbers, just whiskers and ears. Charming Charlie has a gleaming version of a cat watch for only $13.00. Click here to see this fabulous fashion accessory find.

Friendship Pins

Watches that feature different colored friendship pins may be the best gift to give and to receive this holiday season.  Who wouldn’t want a watch that symbolizes the unique love shared with a best friend?  Charming Charlie offers friendship pin watches in several colors, from bright blue to tan to black and white for only $15.00. Follow this link for a peek at pure fashion fun. The best part: these watches expand to fit almost any size wrist.

Pretty Cool Pastels

Seriously hot this fall: pretty pastels.  Show your feminine side by sporting a watch with a light pink or green band. Target has a perfect pastel watch for only $53.  I especially like the pearl face juxtaposed with colors that resemble the hues of slightly sweet sherbert.  Find this darling watch here.

Words and Symbols

Express yourself with watches featuring meaningful words or symbols.  Maybe you want to show off your faith. If so, watches featuring crosses will suit your taste.  Or maybe your boyfriend wants to know what to get you for your birthday.  How about a watch with the word love in script?

Charming Charlie’s love watch is only $20.  The company asks a buyer to “love every minute. Sprinkled with sparkle, this wrap watch has a round case and a long faux leather strap with a channel-set rhinestone “love” charm that sits perfectly next to the watch face when worn.” See this unique watch here.

Target has its own version of the love watch. Instead of being subtle, this watch literally screams love in large silver letters.  This bold and beautiful accessory can be seen by clicking this link.

Animal Prints 

Get in touch with nature by buying a watch that mimics animal skin prints. These watches will add a bit of edge to any outfit.  Target has a purple and black animal print watch for only $14.99.  The fact that it has a double wrap strap makes it all the more edgy.  Want to see this awesome watch? Find it here. Zebra, cheetah, and tiger prints are also popular.

No need to be rich to enjoy this season’s hottest accessory.  Watches of all kinds can be found for as little as $13, and they look good!  Don’t waste a minute; grab one of these charming and cheap watches today!


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