Chic Halloween Costumes For Women

by Anna P. | October 13th, 2011 | Women's Fashion

Halloween is a fun holiday that everyone likes to celebrate.  Who doesn’t like the idea of taking one night a year to dress up as whatever they want? If you recently got an invitation to an upcoming Halloween party, and you’re fretting about what to wear, stop!

Here are a few cool costume ideas that are chic and cheap.

1- Think Outside the Box

The boxed costume set that is! Why pay $50 or more for a single costume that you will only wear once, when you can create an exact replica of the same costume with every day garments?  For instance, if you want to dress up  as Lady Gaga, you can purchase a leotard, blonde wig, and large sunglasses.

2- Look for Inspiration

YouTube is a terrific source for makeup ideas, and Halloween makeup is no exception! To get your search started, type in “halloween makeup tutorials,” and pages of fresh ideas will appear – like Corpse Bride, the evil queen from Snow White, dark faeries, wild cats, and even Jersey Shore’s Snooki. It’s free to use, and much of the makeup used in the videos are the same products you can find at any mall or drugstore. Whether you’re looking for a certain look to go with your costume, or you’re just trying to get new ideas, YouTube is a great place to start.

3- Go Retro

Running out of options? Think retro. Ideas include a 1950’s housewife, 1960’s hippie girl, 1970’s disco maven, or 1980’s rock diva. To make your costume original (and super affordable), pay a visit to your favorite secondhand or consignment store to buy the clothing and accessories. You can complete the look with a cheap wig from a party shop and every day makeup from the department store or pharmacy.

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