Chic Top and Skirt Combos for the Office

by Anna P. | March 15th, 2013 | Office Wear

officeNot sure what to wear in the office? We have three amazing top and skirt combos to try. These looks are fresh enough to be considered trendy yet classic enough to wear to the office. What’s more is that these looks can also be worn outside the office. Here are the three combos you should try and how to wear them.

1- Sleeveless Sweater and Grey Pencil Skirt

The perfect springtime fashion combination: the sleeveless sweater and pencil skirt. This look is simple, polished, and very professional. When the temperatures get cold, all you need is a fitted cardigan or blazer jacket to warm up the look. Add a few key accessories like shiny leather moccasins, a pair of beaded chandelier earrings, and a small black tote bag. This look is the epitome of modern style, and it’s perfect for the office.

2- Oxford Blouse and Black Straight Skirt

You can’t get more simple (or more chic) than an oxford blouse and a black straight skirt. The blouse could be any color you choose: white, ecru, ivory, cream, light pink, etc. All you need to do is add a pair of elegant pearl stud earrings, a delicate one strand necklace, spectator pumps, and a small leather envelope style bag with a chain.  This look is ideal for conservative environments.

3- Polka-dot Tee with Pinstripe Skirt

In general, it’s usually best to avoid pairing two different prints for one look, but in this case, it’s an exception. You should opt for a navy/white polka-dot tee with small to medium sized dots. You don’t want to go for a brighter style, as it might not look appropriate enough in a conservative office environment. Add a slimming pinstripe skirt in similar dark colors to complete the ultra flattering style. Add a pair of vibrant colored heels or sandals to liven up the look. You can also wear gold or silver bangles and a delicate strand pearl necklace.

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