Children’s Clothing Swap

by T Akery | November 7th, 2011 | Kids' Shopping

Practically every parent has clothing that his or her child has outgrown. One way to excite people about cleaning out their children’s closet is to arrange a clothing swap. A clothing swap is an exchange of children’s clothing to get the sizes that they are currently in. There are a few things you should know when organizing a swap.

You will likely need a neutral place to conduct your swap. This will give everyone a solid meeting place and time. Churches or an organization’s meeting place is a good location to conduct such a swap. Make sure to contact the appropriate person to get permission to use the facilities prior to the planned swap.

You also will need to recruit parents who are quite eager to get rid of their old children’s clothing. What is important is to have clothes of all sizes instead of just baby clothing. The key is to have a variety of sizes so that everyone has something to choose from.

Recruit a few volunteers to help set up the clothing on swap day. This will ensure that things run a little more smoothly. Also, make certain to have some volunteers for clean-up.

Make the rules of the clothing swap very clear. Post the printed directions in several prominent locations. Include them in whatever fliers or advertising method you decide to use. You will need to decide how much is enough for a person, and whether or not it is first come, first serve.

Create a plan of action for leftover clothing. The easiest and simplest plan is to let everyone know that all leftover clothing will be donated, so people don’t have to take things home. You may have to recruit volunteers for this part depending on how much you have left.

A clothing swap does require some planning on your part. It can be very successful for parents looking to add to their children’s wardrobe without paying a high price.

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