Children’s Items to Buy Now

by Lori Sciame | August 22nd, 2011 | Kids' Shopping

It’s going on now – deep discounts on summer merchandise. Let the fun begin!

Take a few moments, and think about what your child will need for next summer. Here’s where discipline comes in; even though you’re thinking about back to school clothes and supplies, a savvy shopper thinks ahead to save money. Also think about the place you plan to store your bargains. You will need to designate a spot in a closet or in the basement for items that will be stored for up to eight months. Remember, you want them out of the way, yet you don’t want them to be so hidden that you forget about them!

Here’s a sampling of what deals to snap up now for your children to enjoy next summer.

1. Beach Wear

If this year’s beach towels seem worn out, buy new ones for next year. You’ll be surprised at how low the prices go on them come late August. In addition, since you can pretty accurately anticipate what your child’s size will be next year, buy swim suits at rock bottom prices. Finally, snap up flip flops. These can be found for as little as .50 cents this time of year, and there’s still a great selection.

2. Summer Toys

Sidewalk chalk, ball sets, jump ropes, bubbles, selected board games, and the like are a steal right now. If your family celebrates Easter with baskets, stock up on these items to use instead of just having candy. Pool toys left sitting on the shelves this time of year can also be bought for cents on the dollar. If you own a pool, or even if you hit the beach often during the hot months, buy some new water toys now.

3. Clothing

Buying clothing almost one year in advance may seem daunting, but doing so will save your family big bucks. Like swim suits, you will have to guess what size your child will be next summer; therefore, if you are afraid to estimate the size of shorts and tops your child will need, why not start with nightgowns and sleep shorts? Most young children will grow at least one size over the winter, so opt for sizes at least one size bigger than your child is at this moment. Summer weight socks can easily be purchased ahead as well, since these fit a range of sizes. (Sometimes clothing is so cheap, you may wish to buy a few items to donate to local charities).

4. Accessories

Look for umbrellas, summer totes, and jewelry to round out your children’s shopping spree. We all know how children tend to lose umbrellas, or how they break the spokes at the worst times, so stock up on a few to have on hand. In addition, beach totes come in a rainbow of colors and sizes, so consider buying one for your daughter’s birthday next spring. Finally, grab some summer jewelry to use as part of birthday party gift bags next spring or summer.

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