Children’s Socks

by T Akery | April 26th, 2012 | Kids' Shopping

The one item of children’s clothing that seems to disappear without any explanation is socks. Where they wind up defies logic. While it is very convenient to blame lost socks on the sock monster, the truth is that socks are a part of your clothing budget. Although they aren’t the most expensive item, the cost of replacing them can quickly add up. There are two considerations when buying socks, the size and the color.

Children’s sock sizes are a little complicated. Usually, there are two sizes listed on the packaging. One sizing is for toddlers, and the other is for children’s shoe sizes. There is a huge difference between a toddler’s size two and a child’s size two. In short, the child’s size two is bigger. You have to be careful to make certain you are picking the right size. Some stores will throw toddler socks in with other socks, and you can easily pick up the wrong size.

The other thing about the children’s sizes is that they fall within a range that is based on a child’s shoe sizes. If the numbers don’t seem to make sense, it is because the manufacturer is lumping the toddler size (which is the first number) with the kid’s size (the second number) in the same sock. This means that the socks are made to fit a toddler’s size and a small kid’s size; however, this does not automatically mean that they will fit perfectly. Because it is a range, they can be a little too big or borderline small. If your child is at the top end of the range, it might be better to go up to a bigger size.

White is generally the color of socks and probably the most convenient color. This is because you can mix and match different white socks. It is a little harder to try to find two socks of that are the exact same color especially after one disappears. The additional advantage to white is that it matches almost everything. So when you do find a bargain on white socks, you will want to pick up two or three packages for back-ups.

For holiday socks, you can get some pretty good deals after the holidays. Pick up a bigger size and stash them away for the next holiday season. Make sure not to detach the pairs until they are ready to be worn.

Children’s socks can be a mystery. You want to keep a few pairs on hand for when they get lost or destroyed. This way you never have to go on a hunt for a matching pair.

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