Children’s Tank Tops

by T Akery | June 8th, 2012 | Kids' Shopping

Tank tops are a summer item. These sleeveless shirts are designed to create a minimum amount of fuss; however, just like any other piece of clothing, you need to be aware of what you are buying. There are a few issues that can quickly turn a tank top into a non-functioning piece of clothing destined for the back of the closet or the give away pile.

The biggest issue with tank tops is the size. This is especially true for girls. This is one piece of clothing that you don’t want to purchase in a bigger size than it needs to be. The problem of course is the straps. If the straps sag too much, the tank top can inadvertently reveal things that should be covered. This can present an embarrassing situation for parents.

While you can tie up the straps or pin them up, these solutions are temporary at best, and they may be uncomfortable for your child. Plus, they can be a hassle when it comes time to wash the tank top. The best bet is to ensure that the straps hold the rest of the shirt in the proper position without other aids. This may mean trying them on first and avoiding the three in one packaging options unless you are very certain that these tops will not be too big.

If you do buy a too big tank top or have one handed down, they are still usable as a cover up for your child. The big thing is to make certain that there is clothing such as a bathing suit underneath. Don’t expect them to offer much sun protection if your child has already had too much sun.

The other thing is to consider the material. Some tank top material will become see through if it gets wet. Water is an integral part of summer fun and soakings may happen. Use white colors for cover ups rather than by themselves to prevent embarrassing situations. Keep the color in mind when you are shopping.

Tank tops are a popular summer item for children to wear. But they can create some embarrassing situations if they aren’t sized right, or they are made of a light color and material that reveals secrets when wet. When in doubt, stick to using the tank top as a cover garment.

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