Clearance Shopping Tips

by Anna P. | September 24th, 2009 | Money Saving Hints

clearanceFor those of us who are the tenacious bargain hunters, there is nothing better than heading over to the clearance section of a store only to find the perfect item that it’s the right color and size. But as soon as you head to the dressing room, you discover that your “perfect item” has a snag, a tear, or a discoloration. Such are the perils of the clearance rack. Many of the items located in the clearance sections are indeed rejects that wouldn’t sell otherwise. Does that mean you should forgo clearance sales? Not at all, here are the top shopping tips for finding decent clearance sales.

1- Know the peak sale times. Around January of every year is a good time to shop, there are still post-holiday sales, and the start of fall/winter sales. June and July are ideal times to look for spring/summer and swimwear clearance sales. The trick is to start early to snag the best items- many perfectly good items become stained or ripped after being in the clearance section for several weeks.

2- Find out the small details. This is especially crucial when you’re shopping a special sale and clearance at the same time. Often, the clearance items are marked down to the lowest price so there is no extra discount on them.

3- Check the items. Make sure that you’re not getting a stained reject item. If the price sound too good to be true for the item (say $20 for genuine cashmere), it probably is damaged.

4- Learn about the return policy. Again, since many clearance items are final sales, many stores have a no return policy on such items. If in doubt, ask before you buy. Also it’s a good idea to make sure that the item fits well and is something that you really want.

5- If you have a particular store that you love and they frequently have terrific clearance sections, check that store every week or two because the clearance items come and go fast. Who knows what great deals you will find!

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