Clever Ways To Save Cash

by Anna P. | May 7th, 2009 | Money Saving Hints

picWho does not want to save money? Even if you already live by a budget, you still can find ways to cut corners and add more money to your savings account.  These ideas go beyond cutting coupons, buying generic products and asking for discounts.  Here are some clever ways to save.

Replace Your Phone: If your two-year cell phone contract is ending, switch to a pre-paid carrier. Pre-paid cell phones make sense, as they’re easy to get, and there is no contract or credit check. Many pre-paid phones come with the same standards that you get with your regular phone- such as music downloads, cameras and games. Try Tracphone or Virgin Mobile.

Trade In Your Entertainment: With websites like Paperback Swap, you can trade in the books that you already read for credits that allow you to receive “new” books. Music Boomerang lets you trade in your old compact discs for used music, and SwapTree lets your trade in DVDs, cds, books, and even video games for new ones.

Go Vegetarian: Not only are beans and vegetables healthier than meat, they’re often cheaper, too. Replace meaty meals, such as chili or soup, with beans.  Search on the web for creative meatless meals, and you could save a lot of money every month.

Have A Sale: Do you have a lot of stuff that is in good condition, and yet you never use these things? Throw a garage sale and make some extra cash in the long run.

Hunt For Freebies: Freebies can be found anywhere on the Internet. Type in the words “free stuff”, and you will find a ton of websites. A better way is to go on corporate company and magazine websites, as they constantly have promotions and contests for free goods.

  1. I want to try hunting freebies and having a sale. I already start getting vegetarian and my phone is on prepaid now 🙂

  2. CyberCelt says:

    Great post. I would add “use the library.” They have books, books on tape, magazines and videos. They also have air conditioning and are a great place to relax. No one looks at you funny if you linger.

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