Clothes for Work on a Budget

by Lori Sciame | April 24th, 2013 | Office Wear

trendPurchasing clothing to wear to work can break the bank.  A woman wants to look her best while still having money left over to pay other pressing bills. With salaries for professionals either decreasing due to furlough days or lack of raises, it can be extremely difficult to make ends meet. This can make it almost impossible to amass a decent work wardrobe.  Don’t despair. I have some solutions that may work for you.  Read on to learn how to look stylish and professional at work without spending all your cash on clothing.

Clothing Exchange

There are many young professionals who live together while getting on their feet financially.  If you are just out of college and sharing an apartment with your best friend while beginning your career, consider sharing work clothes.  It makes perfect sense, as you probably already share trendy clothes for going out to the club.  Even if you are not exactly the same size, items such as cardigan sweaters and shoes can be traded between the two of you.  Accessories, including scarves and necklaces, can enhance any work ensemble, so share those as well.

Garage/Tag/Rummage Sales

You will be able to find gently used work clothing in abundance at these types of sales. Target sales in the upscale section of town so that you can be guaranteed to find quality merchandise.  There are plenty of women who decide to leave the workforce to have children. This translates into work suits and shoes at rock bottom prices!  Take the time to read ads in the local shopper or newspaper to concentrate your efforts.

Resale Shops

Another place to find office wear is at resale shops.  Although the clothing is usually more expensive than at a garage sale, you will be more likely to find your size in stock.  Opt for high quality slacks in neutral colors to get the most bang for your buck.  These shops will also have an awesome selection of jewelry, shoes, and handbags.  (Another bonus – many items will never have been worn).

Off Season Clearance

The best time to purchase clothing for the office is when the season is winding down.  For instance, since it is nearing the end of April, now is the time to buy winter sweaters, boots, and pants.  Stores across the nation feature spring and summer clothing now, so a shopper can purchase key winter pieces for up to 80% off.  Visit large department stores, including Kohl’s, to find great deals.

Developing or revamping a work wardrobe can be costly.  By trying one of the above tips, you can save a bundle of money.  If you have a close friend, sharing clothing to be worn at the office can practically double your wardrobe.  Garage sales, resale shops, and department stores can also help to round out your office look.  As always, avoid expensive impulse buys, as that $100 pair of black slacks at Neiman Marcus can be found at one of these other locations for $8 or even less!


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