Coat Selections for Evening

by Delaney M. | November 8th, 2012 | Fashion

When it comes to evening wear in the late fall and winter, many women might not know that the choice of coat is one of the key elements to an outfit. If you live in a colder region, it is a must this time of year to wear a coat due to the weather. One must keep in mind that for cute evening attire, the coat chosen must look immaculate with the overall outfit. For any evening outfit, a pea coat, leather jacket, or shawl would look and feel fabulous with the chilliness of the season.

One evening coat choice would be the pea coat. It will forever be a classic and timeless item to keep in your wardrobe. Pea coats work with any type of dressy outfit choice and often complement the outfit you are wearing. They are made in a few different lengths, so if you wear a dress or skirt, having a pea coat that goes to knee length can come in handy. They are made in many different colors and kinds of fabrics; however, if you are looking for a coat that is universal, choosing a more modest color might be the best option.

For example, adding a white, black, or gray pea coat to your wardrobe would be a good decision for this circumstance, because they will go with almost every outfit you might decide to wear. Pea coats also add a touch of elegance to any apparel you have on. It is a timeless piece, and it is destined to never go out of style. Overall, a pea coat is the best to have in your closet for a night out on the town on cold fall/winter nights.

The next coat choice for evening wear would be a leather jacket. As of late, this fashion style from the 80’s has made a resurgence in the fashion world. For a night out on the town, leather jackets pair well with fitted dark blue jeans or black leather leggings. This will keep you warm, as well as give you an edgier appeal. If you are going out to a bar, restaurant, or club, a leather jacket will make you stand out and be noticed.

Shawls are another nice source of protection from the cold weather. For evening wear, shawls would be a great choice if you are going to an elegant party or classy dinner. They complement dresses well and go along best with them. Also, they still work inside of a venue, as you do not have to take them off. Shawls are universal where they can be worn both appropriately inside and outdoors. It is nice to have one on hand in case the cold sneaks into the venue from an open door.

Overall, finding proper coat choices for this time of year might seem challenging; however, you can never go wrong covering up with a pea coat, leather jacket, or shawl. They will only add to your gorgeous look for a night out on the town!

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