Cold Weather: Office

by Lori Sciame | November 7th, 2013 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

vestWorking in a chilly office can be uncomfortable.  Cold hands cause stiff fingers, which makes using a keyboard difficult.  And one can certainly tire of wiping a runny nose due to a too cold room.  What’s an employee to do in this situation?  If a space heater is not allowed by management, then a woman will need to add warmer clothing to her office wardrobe, being careful not to violate the office dress code.  This helpful post offers great tips for looking good, while keeping toasty warm.

Luxurious Lined Slacks 

A cold office may seem like enough justification to wear sweatpants.  After all, if a boss wants a productive employee, he or she shouldn’t be angry if the dress code goes out the window, right?  Wrong!  Instead of taking a chance and wearing athletic pants to keep warm, buy lined dress pants instead.  This item costs a bit more due to the extra fabric in the leg area.  The good news: the additional fabric adds plenty of warmth, but not plenty of bulk.  (If money is especially tight, buy a few pairs of old-fashioned nylons to wear under the dress pants you already own).

Flirty Layers

Fortunately, the layered look remains popular in the office.  When the thermometer dips below zero, layering can make or break one’s chances of remaining warm.  Here’s one example of how it works: begin with a camisole, add a thin, long sleeved henley, next don a crisp, white blouse, and finally, add a blazer in a complementary color.  The layers will be thin enough so as not to restrict movement; however, they will keep the body warm with ease.  Another fun idea is to wear two sweaters at the same time. For instance, a fitted pullover under a cardigan can look chic while holding in body heat.

Cover all Skin

Any exposed skin will lead to a woman feeling uncomfortable.  Avoid this by adding cozy socks to cover the feet and ankles, and by wearing scarves around the neck.  No need to despair, as both socks and scarves come in dozens of colors and styles to match any outfit.  (It can be especially fun to wear themed socks during the holiday season!)

I understand that it may be difficult to resist the temptation to wear filmy blouses with cut outs or short sleeve sweaters to work in the fall and winter.  Don’t worry.  You can wear these ultra-fashionable looks to holiday parties instead.

The Finishing Touch

Sweatshirts should not be worn to work at an office.  Just like sweatpants, they usually do not meet a dress code.  A great alternative is a wool, cashmere, or knit wrap.  Toss one over the shoulders to immediately feel warmer.  Another bonus: most wraps can be folded in half for a less intrusive look, then unfolded for more coverage when circumstances allow.

Keeping warm in the office can be difficult, especially during the fall and winter.  Opt for lined slacks, layered tops, socks, scarves, and a wrap to keep from becoming chilled.


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