College Essentials

by Kendall Ryan | June 9th, 2010 | Sales, Travel Shopping

Here comes college! Stores like Bed Bath and Beyond are revving their engines for college dorm season! Save those 20% off coupons! Even if they are expired…SAVE THEM! Most stores will take them!

This time last year, I began my weekly visits to Bed Bath and Beyond. It began with a few small purchases such as a desk lamp and a shower tote. Then, it turned into bed bug protectors, and then the Egyptian cotton fiber bed. The list goes on! So, Mom, here is the list of MUST HAVES for your child’s first year of college!

  1. The Bed: keep an eye out for Macy’s ONE DAY SALE! (they are random!) You may even consider opening up a Macy’s Credit Card to receive a first purchase discount as well as STAR Rewards which include coupons for 20% off or $20 off! Start off with the bedding! Remember most colleges have beds that are TWIN EXTRA LONG. Plenty of stores and websites like macys.com have a “bed-in-a-bag” that will make your life easy! If you want to get fancy, you can get Macy’s Charter Club 500 Thread Count sheets in Twin XL as well for the ultimate comfort for your college kid! The next crucial thing is the bed bug protector. It sounds discouraging but it is necessary! I would also recommend either an egg crate or an Egyptian Cotton Fiber Bed. It is like having a pillow top on your not-so-plush-dorm room bed. They are also available in a feather bed. Another critical purchase: bed-risers! They come as high as seven inches and allow for ample storage space under the bed!
  2. The “kitchen”: Most first-years lack a kitchen in their dorm room. However, you can make it work by having a small refrigerator and a microwave! Easy-Mac becomes a close friend to most! The best budget buy: the Keurig. The smallest one costs about $89 (without the coupon!) and the K-Cups average around $13.99. TIP: buy them at Gloria Jeans and get a frequent buyer card and eventually earn enough “hole punches” to get $10 off! (Last week I got 25 K-Cups for $3.99!) It saves a lot of money during the year and allows you to drink your coffee or tea whenever and wherever you please!
  3. The bathroom: For most, a common bathroom is a bit of a shock. So, I would suggest you come prepared with the following:
  • A plastic shower tote (the cloth ones never dry!)
  • Flip Flops (Old Navy—some are available for only $1 on certain occasions!)
  • Terry-Cloth bath robe
  • DRYING RACK—very necessary! In a small dorm room with poor air circulation it is the only way your towels will dry!

Keep in mind that every student is different, but the objective here is to make sure your student is comfortable and to have him or her be as prepared as possible for the transition! And… always remember the coupons!

  1. Ann says:

    Be sure to check out the Shop for College page on the Bed Bath & Beyond website. They have a college checklist, your grad can build a registry that comes in handy for family and friends that want to buy a gift and the site is organized to help your grad build the perfect dorm room.
    You can slo buy online and pick up in store close to your gards new campus.

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