Combat Boots

by Sam P. | February 25th, 2016 | Fashion, Shoes, Teen Fashion

combat boots (400x396)By now I am sure you have all heard me rave on and on about combat boots, but come to think of it, I still haven’t honored them enough.  I haven’t given them their own article yet!  If you are an avid reader and follow my bi-weekly post, you should have picked up on the fact that I absolutely love combat boots. I wear them with just about everything.

Combat boots started way back with the Romans and ever since many countries militia have worn them to protect their feet.  Due to their durability they work quite well for the job.

Combat boots have come in and out of the fashion stream a few times since the 1990s, but have never made an impact like this until now.  It makes sense that they are doing so well now because our fashion matches the vibe they give off.  Fashion nowadays has become much edgier and has a more punk theme going on. With leather pants and structured army jackets being hits currently, combat boots mix in perfectly.

Another new hit in mainstream fashion today is taking something feminine and giving it a rock vibe.  The easiest way to do this is with combat boots.  Take a cute flowery dress and smack some combat boots on with that puppy.  If you aren’t quite accustomed to this edgier vibe, take it slow.  Start with jeans, a cute tee, and combat boots.  Slowly start working in leather jackets, army jackets, over-sized sweaters, and patterned or leather leggings.  I currently have two favorite outfits in my closet: leather leggings and an oxford with combat boots, or plain black leggings with an over-sized tribal sweater with a T-Rex on the front paired with combat boots.  See a common factor?

Another great thing about combat boots, besides their versatility, is how comfortable they are.  They may look rough and tough, but they are quite comfy once you break them in.  The best way to do so is just wearing them a lot, even just around the house to get a better feel for how they fit.  I actually tripped up the stairs the first time I wore mine since I wasn’t used to the stiffness they have.  I still do sometimes… But trust me, once you break them in you will never want to take them off.

I have to say, my absolute favorite thing about combat boots is their versatility on their own.  Yes, they go with many outfits, but you can always change it up even more with how you wear them.  If you have calf or mid-calf high combat boots they probably have snaps on the side and a pattern on the inside.  This is so you can fold them over.  When doing this I usually only lace them half way up, zipper them all the way up on the back, if there is a zipper, and them fold them over and button the snaps.

Whatever way you wear them, I promise you, you will love them.

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