Combat Boots

by Sam P. | September 17th, 2013 | Shoes, Teen Fashion

combat bootsThis fall, and probably winter, everybody has been and will be fawning over combat boots.  Sure your Uggs are ever so comfy, and you can still wear them, but the new hot thing is combat boots.  They’re really quite versatile and come in many different colors and styles.  Whether they’re real Dr. Martens’ or knock off, I can guarantee almost everybody will want them.

The thing about combat boots that nobody knows, is that they go with most everything.  You can wear them with leggings and an over sized sweater, skinny jeans and a casual shirt, even with a cute floral dress and a jean jacket.  Of course they look adorable with a sweater dress as well.  If this fall or winter we have a hot streak they look incredible with jean shorts and almost any shirt.  They also look super cute with ripped skinnies and a blazer.  Another bonus to them is that a lot of girls are wearing them for one specific sport.  Hip hop! Everyone used to always just wear sneakers, but combat boots give some ankle support, and solid yet flexible soles.  Plus, they look so much cuter!

Another great thing about combat boots is how many different styles there are.  There is always classic black, but you can also get brown, red, shinny black,; there are endless possibilities.  A lot of girls are getting them in floral or paisley patterns, along with white!  You can also get them with lots of buckles, or none, tons of zippers, or lace up.  Some also come with a patterned inside.  You can untie at the top and fold over for even more style.

As for pricing…real Dr. Martens can get quite pricey, but there are thousands of knock off brands with the same exact style with a much nicer price tag.  If the Dr. Marten realness of them is too much to pass up, they can be found on amazon or eBay, and other websites like that.  You can also try your hand at a flea market, but it’ll be more difficult to find them there.  Plus you can’t always trust flea market quality.

(photo courtesy of Carlos Paes)

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