Conquer Back to School Shopping

by Sam P. | August 6th, 2013 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

jeansThe trick to back to school shopping is not getting distracted, and knowing what you need. Before you even think about driving to the mall, you need to go through your closet. Determine what still fits, what you will still wear, and what is even wearable.  Then go through and figure out what you need to fill out your closet’s figure.

I find I usually need five pairs of jeans. One that is either a white wash or acid wash, a pair of light wash jeans, medium wash, dark wash, and black or gray jeans.  And to go with the status quo, you need at least one of these jeans, if not a couple of them, to be distressed.  If that doesn’t fit your taste in clothing, feel free to stray from the guidelines. But as long as you get three pairs that are a normal shade and two that aren’t a shade of blue, whether you want white, black, purple, green, etc., you should have an even amount of jeans.  This way you have enough diversity in your jeans, without having an overload of them.  I would also suggest a pair of yoga pants, and a pair of black yoga leggings or regular full length leggings.

For shirts and sweaters, you want to have enough that you won’t be wearing the same top twice within a 10 day period.  So at least 10 shirts and sweaters, but I find 15 more appropriate.

If you ever have to dress up for school, you should be prepared for that too.  Get at least one pencil skirt or dress, but if you have to dress up on a weekly basis for sports, get a black pencil skirt and a gray one. And a couple dresses.  Remember that you can wear a regular shirt or sweater with a pencil skirt as long as you  wear it correctly, so there isn’t a strong need to buy additional fancier tops.

Now this may all seem like a lot of clothing you have to buy, but you will have clothing left from last year, plus a lot will still fit next year.

Write down everything you need on a list or in your phone, and get everything you need before you look at additional clothing.

Good luck and remember your list!

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