Cool Jackets and Outerwear

by Anna P. | August 2nd, 2011 | Fashion

Stay warm and look cool this upcoming season with a few trendy jackets and classic coats. Outerwear proves that fashion can be chic and functional. What do you need this season, and what are the current style trends regarding outerwear? Find out now!

Hooded Jackets

Whether you’re looking for a casual, sporty cover-up, or you want to stay warm during your outdoor jogging sessions, a hooded jacket is a style staple that almost every woman needs. Since most hoodies are made of cotton or a cotton-blend material, they are rather cheap, so you can stock up on two or three. Go for black or brown jackets, but you can also get one in a bright color, like red or royal purple, for days you crave a little fun style. You can wear these jackets over tanks and sweatpants, or you can wear them over screen tees and skinny jeans.

Shrunken Jackets

Keep warm while maintaining that sexy style with a shrunken jacket. A lace jacket is usually more about fashion, so try to go for a knit/cotton jacket with long sleeves. Buy one in black, because that will go with anything – black dresses, cocktail frocks, and decorative blouses. If the jacket doesn’t have a button closure, you can close it with a pretty vintage pin.

Parkas or Outerwear

Harsh winters call for a solid coat designed with quality insulation, like down-fill, quilting, or wool. When shopping for that one special coat, it’s important to keep your climate in mind. If you live in a cold, snowy climate, you want a hooded coat, but if you live in a climate with cold, rainy winters, a classic trenchcoat is probably your best bet.

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