Costumes you may want to stay away from in 2009

by Bea | October 20th, 2009 | Fashion, Kids' Shopping

TwilightWith Halloween being right around the corner, many of you probably have been thinking about what you, or your children, want to be for Halloween. I know I was thinking of Halloween when I saw this 1920s-esque flapper dress in H&M for $10! The only thing that I just realized is that there may be more people like me who looked at that dress as a costume rather than a dress. I will have to accessorize a bit more or so.

In any case, the stores already have realized what costumes are hot this year, so if you have not bought a costume yet and want to be unique, try not to draw ideas from the following trends .

First on the list is Micheal Jackson. With the death of this star happening this year, there is bound to be some hardcore wannabe moonwalkers this October 31st. Another popular costume that is based on a celebrity is a Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana costume (whichever you prefer). Along the same lines of famous people, we definitely are going to see who the Twilight fans are this year. Dressing up like Edward Cullen and Bella Swan is not going to be popular just based on the fact that the movies and the books have been so popular but also because their costumes are so simple to make! You probably would not even have to go out and buy something. Sticking with the movie theme, Harry Potter characters are bound to run amuck this year. However, even though the latest Harry Potter came out fairly recently, those costumes have typically been extremely popular in the past as well.

I personally think that the costume that we will be seeing the most of are Zombie costumes. With this new ridiculous spike in interest in all of these vampires, zombies, and other creepy “people”, I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot of interesting faces. I have already seen Boston being invaded by Zombies on random days of the year, so  I am a little scared to see what it will look like on Halloween.

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