Coupon Storage Creativity-Where Do You Keep Yours?

by Patti | May 12th, 2009 | Sales

picClipping coupons can be an excellent way to save some money. Whether the coupon is for ketchup, laundry detergent, or shampoo, any amount you save is beneficial, especially right now with times being tough financially for so many families.

Perhaps you were clipping coupons before it became popular. For some people, coupons are a family tradition. Your mother used them and now so do you. Or maybe you are new to the wonderful budget savvy side of coupon usage. Regardless of which describes you, where do you store your coupons? Have you put your creativity to work to find the best storage possible?

Coupon Storage Suggestions

Make sure you store your coupons somewhere that you will remember to take them when you leave home to do your shopping. It is so easy to forget them unless you are in the habit of doing so!

Dollar stores give you plenty of options to jump start your creative juices. Buy a small plastic rectangular basket in a color that appeals to you, and keep it at the end of your kitchen counter, on top of the refrigerator or on a table next to the telephone.

Another dollar store option that works is to buy a tin or a plastic container with a top that closes for storing your coupons. You can find these containers in all sorts of vibrant colors and designs.

Small gift boxes from stores, such as discount shops, are another good bet. Gift boxes, like tin containers, can be purchased in an array of bright colors and designs. As well, there are often a number of sizes to choose from, so you can choose the size that will be most accommodating to the coupons you have.

Plastic zip bags are always a good bet because they are see through and slip easily into your purse. As well, if the coupons get turned upside down in the zip bag, they will not spill out and be lost. Clear bags make it easy to read coupons and to know when they expire.

Business size envelopes are another option, as are old greeting card envelopes. If you have too many, then the envelopes probably won’t work. But for a dozen or  fewer, this is a good place to keep them. However, the spillage worry does exist with this option.

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