Creative Tricks for Spicing Up Your Work Wardrobe

by Anna P. | September 24th, 2014 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

tendy dress (400x400)There are so many chic ways you can change up your everyday look and your work wardrobe. The best part is that most of these ideas won’t break the bank. In fact, most of the ideas (including the three ideas we share below) offer stylish tips for items you already own. Take a look at our small list of tips and see what stylish wonders you consider. These tips and tricks work for just about everyone regardless of size, shape, or age. Make these tips work for you and you will never have a problem revamping your work wardrobe again.

1- Don’t be afraid to embrace a trend

Who says you cannot wear trendy clothes or accessories to work? Oftentimes even the most strict office dress codes allow a few trends here and there as long as it still looks professional. Current trends you can wear to the office include high-waisted trousers, peplum skirts or dresses, animal print blouses, and even sleek camisoles worn underneath something like a sweater or jacket. Unlike your weekend casual looks, you will want to avoid donning three trends at once. Choose one trend (or two if you can pull off a more sophisticated look) and try to limit the focus on just that one trend. A stylish example: wear a leopard print blouse in neutral colors; pair it with a classic black pencil skirt and nude pumps. This look is tasteful and easy to wear.

2- Invest in items that come in neutrals and classic hues

Colors are fabulous, but classic hues such as black and white get far more style mileage. If you must wear more color, try to look for garments, accessories, footwear, and handbags in neutral hues. Colors to try include ivory, taupe, gray, and brown. If you really want to expand the possibilities in your work wardrobe, look for clothes in variations of these hues. The beauty of classic shades is that they literally go with everything so you never have to worry if something clashes. Try to keep your overall look interesting and avoid wearing all black or all white. Break it up by wearing a white sheath dress with a gray cardigan and black belt, or pair a black blouse with a brown skirt. You can also add a little bit brighter color into your everyday work look by pairing these pieces up with more neutral hues. Color can be a powerful fashion tool once you know how to rock it.

3- Pay attention to the details

Sometimes it’s the little details that make the most impact. Whether it’s the intricate embroidered stitches on your favorite blouse or maybe the beautiful beading on your favorite sandal, there is much to be said for well-crafted details. Go ahead and purchase that pretty pullover sweater delicate stitching. You can wear this with your favorite pair of suit pants, a high-waisted skirt, or maybe a pair of dress pants.  One item with a stand-out design or delicate details is something extraordinary and deserves to be shown.


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