Date Night Outfit Ideas

by Sam P. | May 20th, 2014 | Date Night Outfits

girl (400x400)For me, date nights are the time where I truly allow myself to feel feminine and go all out.  Often times at school, I just don’t want to put in the effort to look over the top amazing, because that means I have to get up earlier.  But, when I have a date night I pull out all the stops, including hair, makeup, and shoes.  My favorites are below.

  • As the warm weather approaches, we can start pulling out our shorts.  I have a fabulous pair of white shorts that I adore.  As long as it is warm enough, a great outfit for a date night could be a cute pair of shorts with a flowy tank top and gladiator sandals.  This works for a night of mini golf, ice cream, or any other fun adventures.  If I know I have a busy day or night planned for me I try to leave my hair natural.  This way I don’t have to worry about it losing its curl, or re-curling after straightening it.  Plus it gives off a carefree vibe that it very attractive.  Bring hair ties as well in case you need to put it up.   Keep your makeup natural.  Do a light sweep of a shimmery nude on your lids, some mascara, and you’re set.  keep the lips natural with Chapstick.
  • If you’re going out to dinner, I would opt for full length pants as you never know how cold the restaurant will be.  High-waisted skinny jeans are always good, with a ribbed tank top and a jacket or sweater of your choice you have warmth, but can take it off if deemed necessary. The shoe choice is up to you, but I always love to wear heels whenever I can.  Sneak them in whenever possible no matter what your height is.  Here is a venue where it is okay to do a little more with the makeup and hair.  If you want to give it a natural looking curl, go for it.  Simple up dos like sock buns look very cute as well.  For your makeup, a gentle smokey eye looks great.  Don’t go too heavy, it will look trashy with the dimmed lighting and will also appear darker than you intended.  Use natural colors like browns, and try to stay away from too much black.  Line your eyes thinly with brown or black and finish with two coats of mascara on top and one in the bottom.  If you want to play up your lips instead, keep the eyes simple and throw on some lipstick.
  • The movies can be difficult to dress for.  They are usually a bit chillier, but you don’t want to be wearing a jacket or an outfit similar to what you wear to dinner because you’re in a totally different venue.  I would go with leggings and a cute t-shirt, and a sweatshirt, if necessary.  Pair it with converse or flip flops and you’re set for the night.  Keep your makeup as simple as your outfit.  One coat of mascara on top, none on the bottom and Chapstick.  It does enough to highlight your eyes, but the makeup still matches the outfit.
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