Date Night Outfits for Summer

by Sam P. | August 12th, 2014 | Date Night Outfits, Teen Fashion

teen (400x400)As we reach mid August the heat is still going strong.  The location of your date may change the temperature for you a bit so always remember to bring a sweater.  And of course, always dress accordingly for the weather.  Up in New England, August is just as hot a July, but in many other places August can be quite chilly.

For a date night of mini golf and ice cream you have far more wiggle room than others.  If the weather is going to be nice and hot and simple pair of shorts will suffice.  Pairing that with a nicer, cute top will take your outfit from everyday casual, to date night appropriate.  And to be safe, bring a sweater.

For a date night at the movies I would opt for a pair of jeans.  Movie theaters always tend to be chilly and it can be hard to focus on the movie if you’re too busy shivering.  And I would say the same for dinner at a restaurant.  Once again, they tend to blast the air conditioning up higher.  Jeans will guarantee you won’t be freezing all night long.  For the movies, a simple tank top will look great.  For a dinner out I would go for a nicer top.  In both scenarios bring a light sweater or jacket just in case.

If you will be out star gazing I would check the weather.  Since it would have to be quite late to star gaze it may be chilly out.  If it is, once again wear jeans.  For something as casual as this, you could also wear leggings.  Another cute idea would be to wear a pair of cut offs with a sweater or sweatshirt.  Also, dress in layers for guaranteed comfort.  If you get too hot, you can take a layer off, if you get cold, you can put a layer back on.

For a lunch time picnic simple shorts and a t-shirt are great.  Once again, check the weather first.  If it is only sixty degrees Fahrenheit jeans may be the comfier choice.

If you will be having a movie marathon at someone’s house you have more wiggle room.  If it is your own house, you know how warm or cold it tends to be so dress as you normally would.  If you are going to their house and have been there before and know how warm or cold their house tends to be, dress accordingly.  If you have not been there before I would wear jean shorts and a plain t-shirt.  I would then bring a sweater or a flannel button down to layer over it if I get chilly.

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