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by Lori Sciame | August 8th, 2011 | Home Shopping

Now is the time to grab awesome deals for your home. In August, you can save on everything from lawn furniture to paper products. With a little searching, you can save as much as 90% on some items. Look around your house…what summer themed items can you use?


The selection may be picked over, but if you search carefully at your local home and garden centers or discount stores, you can still find great deals. For example, I found pine trees priced at $2.00 each, and saplings for $3.00. Look for perennials that will brighten your landscape as well. A bonus is that many stores offer guarantees, which means they’ll replace any plants that die over the winter. Just make sure to keep your receipt.

Paper Products

Local stores have paper products, including plates, napkins, and banners discounted at this time. Pick up your Easter or Fourth of July paper products now. Also, remember that if your child is graduating next spring, you should buy graduation themed items still available for tremendous savings.

Lawn Furniture

Been putting off buying comfortable seating or a table and chairs for you patio? Think about purchasing what you need now. Stores do not want to place items in storage; they would rather get rid of them. Remember, folding lawn chairs are also priced to sell. Grab some to use at next year’s parades and visits to the park.


Some stores may offer deals on grills this time of year; however, since grilling has grown in popularity, these savings are more difficult to come by. If you need a grill, but you don’t find one that fits your budget, you may want to wait for the day after Thanksgiving sales (Black Friday). Like TV’s, many stores now offer blowout pricing on grills then.

Picnic Baskets and Tableware

If your family loves to go on picnics, or if you camp often, now is the time to stock up on tablecloths, reusable flat ware, and plastic cups and plates. Also priced to sell are margarita glasses, and other “fun” drink paraphernalia. Coolers and ice packs can also be purchased for cents on the dollar. Again, stores do not want to put these items in warehouses, so you will save big.

Gardening Supplies

Because the growing season is winding down in most of the country, grass and flower seeds, garden implements, and other accessories are on clearance. Check the expiration dates on seeds, if one is given. Also consider purchasing wind chimes and bird houses, at rock bottom prices, to use as Mother’s Day or birthday gifts next spring. I found beautiful pots for my front porch for .99 cents that were initially $10.00 each!

Did these deals temp you? If yes, you may want to make it habit to visit the clearance section in your local big box store or home improvement center at end of each season. Always have your eyes open for items that can be used as gifts, and for product you know you will need – next year!

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